Friday, March 27, 2009

Nasreddin The Fool: One Week's Salary

This story is retold by Mr. Sugeng Hariyanto

Every Saturday Nasreddin went to the market to buy the household's needs. He put the goods in a big basket. But, he was not able to carry the heavy basket since he was only and old man. Instead, he asked someone else to do it for him and gave him a suitable payback.

When Nasreddin was on the way home from the market, one day, he walked in front of the man who helped him carry his basket. Nasreddin didn't realize that the man had run away and brought all the goods.

The next Saturday, Nasreddin was going to the market. His friend said, "Nasreddin, look at him! He is the man who stole your basket last week."

Nasreddin, however, hid behind a small shop instead of catching the man. He stayed there until the man stealing his basket had left the market. His fried was wondering and asked, "What are you doing there?"

He said, "The man has been carrying my heavy basket for a week. I am afraid he will ask for his salary. I do not have enough money to pay him the amount of money for the whole week. Even the basket and his goods are not sufficient to pay him."

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