Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let's give a bit respect to the Mother Earth

The topic I would like to raise is about water. This topic came into my head when I said to someone "You don't use the water right? so why the tap is still ON?" and the response was "I pay for it so no problem". I was "astonished" to hear that kind of answer.

Many of us who are already pampered with all things exist surround us do not realize the other side of the coin.

The first side of the coin is : There are still many parts of the world around the globe which lack of water. They have to walk miles away to get fresh water or even sometimes they have water but it's not worth consumption.

The other side of the coin is : The other parts of the globe in which water is abundant that it's wasted as if it would be there forever.

"So what???? It's their fate to be born in waterless place, what can we do?"

The answer is "NOTHING". We can't bring the water from New Zealand to Sahara Desert nor We can't create a pea-shooter that will shoot the ice ball from the poles to the dry region.

If you think that way, then you are right but there is one least thing we could do. "Respect the water available for you!!!"
This nature exist for us. It has provided us with all the things we need and the most crucial thing is "water". We can survive without food for say 10 - 14 days (till the last breath) but without water????? Not even 3 days. Most of us don't realize that since we are abundant of it.

All I ask is just a bit of our concern about what is happening in our surrounding. There are still some things you can do the least to show that you are not ignorant about your own standing ground (the mother earth) such as:
1. Check you faucet! Is it leaking or not? Fix it after this if so.
2. When you are brushing your teeth, do you keep the water running? If so, Stop it while you enjoy cleaning your teeth. ON it when you need only.
3. Do you wash your hands with the water running while you are rubbing your hands with the perfumed hand-wash soap? OFF the water tap while you are rubbing them and ON it again when you need it.
4. Do you clean your front yard every morning using hose? If so, use pail because you can control how much water you need (you can't do it if you use water hose). Or if you have to use the hose, try to control the water flow.
5. When you are washing the dishes, do you keep the water running while you are brushing them with dish-washing detergent? Please...OFF it until you are done brushing them.
6. How much clothing do you wash in your washing machine? If not too much, set the water flow to small or medium instead of large.
7. When you water the plants in your garden, try to control the water flow.

Another a bit extreme way:
Some of us here use shower to bathe. Try to control the water flow if you can.

I am not asking you to do all those, especially for those who love water. After a tiring day, staying under the hot-water shower for at least 20 minutes is the best way to recharge yourself...SO DO IT... like to wet you boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings at the end of the week when watering the garden together...DO IT....

It's not about doing the best or the 100% right, but it's about giving your best. And in giving the best, there are always some exceptions. Don't blame yourselves for those exceptions, just enjoy it.

I think that's all I am concern to say and the last..keep drinking 2 liters of water everyday. Don't be thrift in that,...water is one of the best brain-food so don't lack it ;-)

Best of Luck! and May the Nature bless us all....

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