Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nasreddin The Wise: Please, Eat Coat!

This story is retold by Sugeng Hariyanto
Nasreddin, The Wise Man

One evening Nasreddin was invited to a party. As a good neighbor, he surely would come to the party. He chose the clothes that looked old.

He chose it because it was his favorite. When he arrived at the party, nobody greeted and welcomed him. Even the host did not offer him any seat. Then he went home quickly. He changed his old clothes with the new and most beautiful one. Then he went back to the party.
At that time, everybody was warm to him. Everybody greeted him with a nice smile. Even the host offered him the best seat and table with the best food and drink.

Nasreddin sat for a while and stood again. Suddenly, he take off his clothes. There were only underclothes left on his body. The other guests were very surprised. So was the host.
He put the coat on the food on the table. He said "Please, eat coat. It's for you".

The other guests were wondering why he did so. One of them asked, "What are you doing, Nasreddin? Are you crazy?"
"No, I'm alright. I'm asking my coat to eat. Do you still remember, when I came here in old clothes nobody greeted me. And the host didn't offer me any seat or food. But when I come with this beautiful coat now, everybody greets me warmly. The host offers me the best food and drink. So, the host gives the food and the drink to my coat, not to me," he answered.

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