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At the Feet of The Master - Foreword

This article is retyped from a book which is first published in 1910 and this is taken from 19th edition which is published in 1951. I will divided it into 5 posts ahead starting from foreword and preface, chapter 1 until chapter 4 for easier reading and comprehension. I would be very happy if you all could catch up with this reading…at least for you to know what this book is trying to say. One thing I would like to emphasize is this is a neutral reading without any provocation toward any religion since all religion is heading to one same destination.
By Alcyone (J. Krishnamurti)
The Theosophical Publishing House
Adyar, Madras, India – 1951

The privilege is given to me, as an elder, to pen a word of introduction to this little book, the first written by a younger Brother, young in body verily, but not in soul. The teachings contained in it were given to him by his Master in preparing him for Initiation, and were written down by him from memory – slowly and laboriously, for his English last year was far less fluent than it is now.
The greater part is a reproduction of the Master’s own words; that which is not such a verbal reproduction is the Master’s thought clothed in His pupil’s words. Two omitted sentences were supplied by the Master. In two other cases an omitted word has been added. Beyond this, it is entirely Alcyone’s own, his first gift to the world.
May it help others as the spoken teaching helped him – such is the hope with which he gives it. But the teaching can only be fruitful if it is lived, as he has lived it since it fell from his Master’s lips. If the example be followed as well as the precept, then for the reader, as for the writer, shall the great Portal swing open, and his feet be set on the Path.

Annie Besant
December, 1910

Asato mâ sad gamaya = From the unreal lead me to the Real
Tamaso mâ jyotir gamaya = From darkness lead me to Light
Mrtyor mâ mrtam gamaya = From death lead me to Immortality

These are not my words; they are the words of the Master who taught me. Without Him, I could have done nothing; but through His help I have set my feet upon the Path. You also desire to enter the same Path, so the words which He spoke to me will help you also, if you will obey them. It is not enough to say that they are true and beautiful; a man who wishes to succeed must do exactly what is said. To look at food and say that it is not good will not satisfy a starving man; he must put forth his hand and eat. So to hear the Master’s words is not enough; you must do what He says, attending to every word, taking every hint. If a hint is not taken, if a word is missed, it is lost for ever; for He does not speak twice.
Four Qualifications there are for this pathway:
  • Discrimination
  • Desirelessness
  • Good Conduct
  • Love
What the Master has said to me on each of these I shall try to tell you.

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