Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Childhood as How I see It

As I mentioned in my previous post that my parents divorced when I was around 7 years old and I have to live with my maternal grandparents from then on.

When mom & dad divorced, my health condition wasn't very good. Since I was 3 years old, I develop some kind of cold which made me cough regularly and had to miss school quite often. Thank God I never failed due to my regular absent. When my lungs were scanned, the Doctor found that I had mucous in  my lungs and it was predicted that it happened because I wasn't flipped upside down right after my birth. No one ever knew. I went for medication and I almost faced death once as all my respiratory channels were blocked. I couldn't breathe properly and my breathing frequency was very low. I stopped breathing for some time and it happened at home before they could even started the car to get me to the Emergency Ward. Everybody was panicked but all of sudden I gasped a big intake of air and started breathing normally again. 
How it happened, only God knows.

This problem keep happening until I was 7 years old. Then one day one old Chinese Traditional Medication expert helped me to get rid of all those mucous and since then on, by the grace of God, I am cured now. That old man who helped me, had died in an accident many years ago. I felt sorry for that and I hope that he is always blessed for he had given peace of mind for my mom and my family.

Since then, I have been an active person and learned a lot of things in my early life. I performed well academically, I learned how to play an organ (a musical instrument), I learned swimming that now I can swim in all 4 styles and porpoise like a dolphin in the water ;), I learned knitting (still amateur though), I became a cheerleader in high school and I am into Belly Dancing which I don't plan to perform in public, I paint (even until now I still have that hobby), I play badminton, I play football (most of my friends were boys, can't help it), I play basketball, I play volleyball (even though now I sort of lost the moves), and I did basic gymnastic.

My teenage-hood was filled with all these activities and I am grateful for that. The only things that haven't been fulfilled are "Guitar", "Horse", "Gear  Bike", "Car". YES, I want to learn how to play a Guitar, I want to learn how to ride a horse (here in Afghanistan, I have people around me who are ready to teach me anytime, but my mom freaked out each time I talked about it, so I think I have to butter her more), I also want to learn how to ride Gear Bike, so far I could only ride it on First Gear; the moment I change the gear, the bike always stop. A friend in India literally pulled his hair due this clumsiness of mine with Bike. God knows how I could improve that :), and I want to learn how to drive a car without banging it here and there... Since I am not very good with car, I will opt for lower level which is...a double cabin truck and drive it off road so that no one complains on how bad driver I am ;). Very soon I will ride it... Bless it be! Amin.

And by the way, I remember that thatha used to say "Why can't she sit still?". He used to say that I was "kutti shaitan" which means "Little Devil". He used to say it even after I have become a big girl.. Well, he is right I guess ;)

Then I got entrance to one of the top 5 university in Indonesia without testing because my final marks in High School was above 80%. I was selected for Architecture Study. I was in that university for 2 months when I finally realized that I won't have any time for other activities if I keep myself enrolled in that course. I had to stay in campus until night time & I didn't find that convenient. I talked to my mom and thatha about dropping out. They asked me if I really can be accountable with the decision as once I leave, there's no turning back. I said "YES" and the next day, I was off the hook. I never regret that decision. I joined computer managerial course for a year as it was too late to join other college in the month of September. Then the next year, I get in private IT college when I was 19 and graduated 4-years later with above-average performance. During my college life, I became an English teacher in one of the private English Institution in the evening time. I got this opportunity because of my TOEFL score that has led me to become a certified TOEFL teacher. I paid my own college fee since then, I bought my own books, I bought my own cellphones, I ate out with my friends with my own money and never disturb mom or thatha ever again :)... even though I still always get pocket money from them, which has always gone to savings :). And by the way, all this money that I saved had gone in the wind. HOW?? Well, my stupidity is the answer :)... I will talk about that later.

Well, I think that's all for tonight... I will continue again tomorrow with different story and Night Night folks, wish you a good sleep and wonderful dreams. God bless you!

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