Monday, January 28, 2013

Return Note

Wonderful Morning Folks!

After 3 years, I am reactivating this blog again :)... It's good to come back.This blog was named "Blackrose" which is now changed to "The Jungle Queen" and the content would be different from what had been there 3 years ago. This blog was born from different mind-set and now will be re-written with different mind-set, with changes in values.... as human changes because the only thing which is constant is "change".

This blog will now on talk about The Story of My Life, The Story of My Love, and The Story of My Thoughts. Any content in this blog will be authentic. Any copyrighted posts or my own post would be made known to public without any conflicts regarding the IPR.

The stories that will come along will show me as a woman who behaves like an angel (as some people ever said), who behaves like a bitch (as few people ever said), who behaves like a devil (as very few people ever said), who behaves like a human (as quite many understand).

And for now folks, I will be "airing" from Afghanistan.
As far as I know (not sure it is right or not), I and my mother are the first Indian Indonesian women setting our feet in Afghanistan. If this information is wrong, please claim so as there won't be any objection from my side.

Why we made the choice to be here today. What I am doing here. What the background story of what I have become today is. Whether I am scared or not. What my values are. Whether I value my own integrity or not. Why I start writing again.
All will be answered by me and judged by you from the stories that will come along from today. Stay tuned ;)

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