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Bittersweet India - College Life

I started my college life on 13 September 2010 and it was somehow heavy the first day. I did not know what would lie ahead, my relationship life was in jeopardy, leaving mom alone at home with a total stranger neighborhood, thatha has gone back home, fear of how the study system would be, whether I could manage it or not. I studied in Indonesian-medium schools and university and even though I am good enough in English, there was a slight uncomfortable feeling when I thought of being enrolled in an English medium university.

In the first day of college, the first friends I made were Alfred and a girl-friend from Fiji. They were already there when I reached college. Not long after that Marshall joined our group and we attended the Inauguration ceremony together. At the end of the ceremony, a boy-friend from Afghanistan came to us and offered to drop us home since he got a car. Those friends remained friends till the end of college.

The first semester was somehow a bit bumpy for me. Being an IT graduate, entering into Management world was not a cake-walk at all. I was used to be behind the screen, making programs and literally pull my hair for the bugs. Enrolling in a management study has brought a different perspective. I felt freer in the studying process. The subjects that I enjoyed the most in the first semester was Business Communication as I was teaching this subject before I came to India, and Statistics for Business (I always love Mathematics and Statistics is the best part of Mathematics because it actually is useful in deducing certain information from the myriad of numbers). I was told a geek because I like subjects that mostly only nerds like, but I cannot help it. Maybe I am just simply a Beautiful Nerd ;).

Academically I performed quite well for the first two semesters and half of third semesters. Nearing my third semester exam, thatha passed away. I felt that my world collapse. I could not study properly. I used to present in front of public and talk confidently but after thatha passed away, I never imagine I could present anymore. It’s like I have lost my passion towards everything. I did not even how I wrote my exam, but the funniest thing is that my percentage is the highest on the third semester exam. Only God knows how I pulled it through.

There are some good incidents, not-so-good incidents, and the best incidents that happened during my college life. One thing that I missed was the trip to the North India by the whole senior batch. If I had gone, maybe I would have been able to tell more memorable stories. However, here are some...

Camel Without Water
I remember I was outraged once when the water I brought from home was finished by a group of boy-friends. Why did this happen?? Well, I am a water tank girl and I could not drink the water provided in department as I found it different in taste and at times the mineral water would be out of stock in canteen so I had to bring water from home. When they finished it early morning in the summer day, I was totally outraged and blasted like hell. So stupid of me. Poor those guys. They were asking for apology like anything. From then on, I always brought one small extra bottle for any emergency cases.

Cry a River
I also remembered when once a friend punch me from behind in a friendly way but hit the wrong back bone of mine which hurt like hell and I cried in the college hallway which attracted attention of few lecturers who called me the next day and asked what happened. At that time, Pravo was around and saw me crying and he just left all and came. That was the time when several bonda (Indian snack that is round in shape and spicy in taste) were missing from his newly ordered plate of bonda. God knows where they were gone in his 1 minute absence for attending me crying. That part was funny, but the part of all lecturers knew I was crying… That was embarrassing.

Celebrity Moment
This is one of the most interesting things that happened. I was chosen to be the Master of Ceremony for International Student Day for the two years I was staying there. It was a heaven of experience that I would share in different sequel.

Girl with Notebook
One of the good things that happened in college is that I became a “NOTE GIRL”. My handwriting was claimed as to be too good and my note book was claimed as neat and everybody starts borrowing it. People keep asking how I could write so well. My answer would be thatha. He was the one who was particular about how I write.
Letter “b” and “h” have long bars, letter “d” and “t” have short bars, punctuations, paragraph, hyphens, etc. He was too particular about presenting a writing in a neat way and I think since I grew up with him, I am just used to with it. I did not find it very special until I came to India where I got so much appreciation because of that from my friends as well as the lecturers. Thank you thatha :).

Down with Bicycle and Up with Machine
I used to walk to college. It was around 5 km to and fro. It took me 30 minutes to reach college and I enjoyed walking as Mysore was not a crowded city with so much pollution so walking that distance is safe enough. Then, one Sunday we had to have an emergency group work and I thought why not trying bicycle. I borrowed a bicycle of one of our neighbors. THAT DECISION WAS A MISTAKE WORTH CHERISHING. I started pedaling and realized that the up and down hilly road is a disaster for bicyclists. The moment I reached college, I could not feel my thighs. My legs were wobbly and I was like a panting dog after chasing a bone that runs in a speed of light. I knew for sure, 100% guaranteed that I could not go home in the same means. I need a help. I could not leave the bicycle in college as it was not mine so I had to take it home but NOT riding it.
I need a friend with a bike who is stable enough to hold the bicycle to get it home and the only person I had that day was Alfred. When he reached college and I told the issue, he finally said that “I will ride the cycle, you ride my scooter”. I never ride anything with MACHINE before and having to do it myself without anyone sitting in the backseat was a horror. He made me try a ride in college compound and finally ask me to ride it home while he was right on my rear right side to make sure I do not mistakenly go to right lane and hit the bus coming by on the streets. That was scary. But I managed to reach home safely without a scratch. That was the day I started riding a matic hahahaha. I tried to ride a gear bike from a different friend a few weeks after that, but only could go in the first gear. Each time I changed the gear, the bike would stop… It was pathetic.

A Donkey Moment
It happened when there was a Friendly Sports activity in college where there would be Cricket match, Volleyball match, and Throw-ball match. I was put in a cricket match. Holy Mother of God bless me. I did not know what Cricket was, how to play, the rules, NOTHING. I was truly like a donkey from a jungle (if there is a donkey in the jungle) which is put in the middle of the metropolitan city. I managed to hit a sixer, but that was it. It was ridiculous, but I had to admit… I enjoyed it. Thanks to the captain whom by force put me in his team ;).

Pendulum Boat = Puke
This happened when I and three other friends went to GRS Fantasy Park in Mysore. We had a marvelous time. We swam, ride a river-boat, and other exciting things. THAT was a bash. But THEN… there must be a BUT in a good time, right? This is what happened. We had lunch. I had full lunch as after whole day in water, I was literally became a pig that gobbled. AFTER that we saw this pendulum boat ride. We were thinking whether we should do or not, then without a decision we just went up and sat. The boat started swinging… swinging… swinging… swinging… and I felt that it was forever… The moment I reached down, I felt like the whole stomach of mine wanted to come out. Luckily we brought some oranges, we ate that but it did not help much. My friend had to drive the car very slowly because two girls on the rear seat were having worst nausea… I almost vomit when I finally reached home. I WILL NEVER EVER RIDE A PENDULUM .. EVER AGAIN.

OH MY MY… I miss my college life.

I miss the friends, I miss the late evenings in library before the exam, the tea break and crispy vada (Indian snack) after a tiring study, the hang out near the water tank of our department when there was a break or when there was no lecture, eating Momos which were bought by our Tibetan friends while sitting on the grass of college garden, going out of college when there is no lecture just to find a place to hang out and eat, the silly fights among the group, drinking tender coconut in the hot summer days, bantering with friends to the extreme limit that words are no longer boundaries, and many many other things. Thank you for all of you who had given me some of the best memories I could ever had... Bless you!

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