Monday, February 18, 2013

Forgotten Adjectives called LOVE and CARE

I haven’t finished the story of my life during my stay in India, but I think these last 2 days there are certain things that happened which made me realize that I indeed love the people I stay with here. It’s not just I like them or I respect them, but I love them… just like they love me.

I stay in a red-zone country where most people never imagine leading a life due to the security concerns, but trust and love had brought me here. Whether I feel sorry to be here? NO… I will feel sorry if I didn’t make a choice to be here today.

The care that I could see in the people’s eyes when they say “Take care of yourself, don’t go out or show up a lot. Try to remain inside” made me feel safe already. It’s not the words, it’s the visage and the eyes of people who really care.

Yesterday night I cried to sleep because I miss thatha a lot. I really wished that he would be with me. I missed sharing all my experience with him. I missed listening to his jokes. I missed listening to his stories. I felt that my chest was suffocating and before I realized, I have started crying and crying till I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, no need to ask… my eyes were like a cross-breed of Panda and Drunken Bull. They were puffy and red. My head?? I felt like a ton of log was placed on the top of my head and my eyelids were too heavy. I even went late to office due to the severe headache.

Thousands of miles away from family and from friends with whom I grew up actually should have made me felt terrible in such situation, but I didn’t. I had people today who called me just to check on me whether I felt better or not, whether I want something to make me feel better and at the end of the day, one of the member (let’s call him Mr. M) asked mom “Why doesn’t she look happy today?”. Mom said “She got headache”, but Mr. M observed even more. He said “No. Pain in headache is different. She is not as cheerful as usual. Something is wrong. What happened?”
To be frank, such thing is actually not a big deal… but how many of us have such people in our surrounding? They don’t ask how I am just for amenities, but because they really care. They may not keep asking “what happened?” and sit around me till I say my story, but they showed that they care with their own ways. One would make me some hot drink that would make me feel better, one would ease my work by taking some work-load that was supposed to be mine. How many of us have that in our lives? And if we have, how many of us feel blessed to have them around?

I ever complained with myself when I came here, because I’m not used to the food and the weather. BUT if I look beyond those things, beyond the things that I could complain about, I think day by day I just fall in love being here. Just like I fall in love being among my friends in Indonesia, like Intan, Kiminiko, Imel Sunaco, Ensui, KevinBadBoyz, Nath, Pu, and my Lil’ Bro. Those people are blessing in my life. Just like I fall in love being among my friends in India.

It’s strange but when we are among the people who care about us, among the people who we also really care about, nothing seems incomplete. Food that we are not accustomed to, weather which makes us not comfortable…. all seems just tiny gravels that do not bother any steps.
People out there may have different perception about the country where I reside now, but by the blessing of God, I am seeing the good side of it and I hope it will remain that way. The men are polite, the women are friendly. These people I am living with have been like a family to me.

I am a bit in melancholic mood today, so I hope that you bear with me even though you find that I am lame somehow ;).

I just want to say that if you have someone whom you believe that he/she/they care about you or love you (it could be friends, parents, cousins, siblings, colleagues, anyone) please savor that as much as you could, pray that you are grateful to have them around, pray that you hope that kind of people would always be there in your life wherever you go, reciprocate their care in a way that you understand. For one single second, never say a word or behave in a way that would make them go away. EVER. Because sometimes when they are gone, means they are gone for good.

Embrace the little care and love that you have. The person who gives you USD 1 million when you are broke, the person who buys you the latest sophisticated gadgets, the person who takes bullet for you are not the only people who care… sometimes a silent stranger who sits beside you and hold your hand when you cry for the most painful thing that happened to you is also a person who cares about you.

Nothing is permanent in this life folks, not even our own life. No material could fill that emptiness that most human feel inside except the care of other living creature. Neither liquor nor late night hours at discotheque would make a person truly happy. No enough workload could make a person totally forget the bad things that happened in his/her life. Embrace the good things and the good people that you have as long as they are there and if there are bad things or bad people, learn something and let them go. Life is too short to be spent on negative things.

Just food for thought… Have you ever once looked around and see who really have a bond with your heart no matter how far the distance is? Try to answer that question genuinely, the answer may be surprising.

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