Friday, February 15, 2013

Lunch with Country-Mates and A Story of a Movie

Today for the first time had the chance to join the people of Indonesian for the informal gathering. The gathering had always been there but since it was held after my curfew, I never had the chance to join.

It was really exciting to meet the country-mates, having an informal conversation with the ambassador, discussing about gym, places to visit, his experience working in other countries and also meet other people who are also part of the community. And it was great to know that many people indeed come from the city where I came from and more to that, we are actually neighbors who lived 2 or 3 km from each other at our hometown. However, we eventually met and got together 7000 miles away.

It was a new experience for me. Sharing things about job, about social life, about funny things that happened, and many other things. The lunch was good ;), the talk was good, the photo session went well (as usual I had to be on the last row due to my-almost-6-feet height). Seriously, in any group photo, the only thing which would be seen of me is MY TINY HEAD.. nothing else hahahaha...

After lunch, I stopped by a mall that I have never been before to do my grocery shopping and hit straight home. The weather was really nice today. Cool breeze accompanied by bright Sunshine. I am glad that winter is getting over. We have so much roses in our front yard and I can't wait to see them all blooming.

Another interesting part of the day is that, I watched a movie named "The Pursuit of Happyness". YES, it's Happiness with Y ;). That movie has been released years ago but I only had the chance to watch it today and it really reminds me of my own life at times. And the best line of that movie that I like is when Will Smith (as a dad) said to his son "Don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't do something, not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it... You want something. Go get it. PERIOD." It was a wonderful line.

The other part that I really do understand is when Will Smith had to give USD 5 to one of the board member of the company where he was taking internship because the boss did not have change for the taxi. It was difficult for him to give that money because that's all he got for the day to buy him and his son dinner. I remember once in India when I had to give up Rs. 100 for a friend whose expense was maybe Rs. 2000 a day (the situation was the same as Will. It was an emergency). Rs. 100 was my 2-3 day food provision. Yes. I counted that. I understand the feeling when you have to stare at your wallet for a while before giving away that money.

That same amount maybe is just a tiny bit of my salary now which I may not even miss if it is not there but realizing that I have gone through certain period of my life triumphantly with all the limitations - financially, psychologically, emotionally, physically - I think today I have the rights to be proud that I DID IT.

I remember someone ever told me "One day you will come to the road then I will sleep peacefully". At that time I already had a difficult time myself and If I had known what I did to deserve such saying, maybe I could accept it easier, but I did not. Until today I never know why someone could say such words to me knowing that my mother also will come to road if I do. Anger? Hatred? I don't know. I never steal even 1 penny from anyone. I told a friend about this and that friend said "Even in the road also you will find life if you look for it". Those words came into me like a lightning. That was the day I let go the pain for receiving words I did not deserve and create a fire within myself that I WILL SURVIVE. I have to. Not for me, but for my mother. I can't let her suffer in the road just because someone thinks I deserve to be on the road. AND if I have to be on the road one day, then by the love of God, I will pull it through also.

Like a saying "You may have the ability to knock me down, but keeping me there is totally a different game."
We never know what lies ahead in front of us, but I think I will stick to one advice of my grandpa that goes like this:

"Try your best to give the best at your worst situation and everything will fall in place when the time comes because karma never forgets anything." 

I am never perfect in following that advice, trust me. I have been the worst at my worst situation because it is not easy to give your best at the worst situation and I am sorry if I had hurt someone unknowingly for that but I think that advice is worth polishing-til-perfection for the rest of my life.
Good night folks... Have a nice rest. Be blessed!

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