Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Are Your Own Role Model

Today I had a talk with a young girl named Sahana who studied in the same college as I did in Mysore, but academically 2-year junior to me.

She contacted me through facebook today. We have never met as I was checking out of college when she was checking in, but it seems that she has heard about me in the college. One shocking piece of news that I got is that my notes are still in circulation even after 2 years. Well, I am glad that my notes could be helpful.

From the brief conversation, I found her to be quite full of spirit and one thing that is surprising about her statement is that she wants to be like me and I am her role model. It was truly surprising to find out that someone out there wants to be like me. I am truly honored but I am still too young to be someone’s role model. I am not flaw-less. There are still so many other things in me that need polishing. I am indeed grateful for what I am today, but knowing that someone is having a wish to be like me is like having a wish to walk on nailed shoes on a fire.

My path is not smooth. I went through many things that most girls in my surrounding did not. I had to take up responsibilities which most girls never imagine to take up. And the most pathetic part is that one friend of mine ever told me that most normal men are scared of me because they thought their authorities would be challenged. I speak my mind and that is a turn-off for most men hahahaha… Thank God that some still find me attractive, though.

Well, however, one thing that she wished to be like me is on “study” issue. I think everybody has already decided that I am indeed a Nerd that is why everyone is asking tips on how to study efficiently. To be frank I was not a student who would bring the books to toilet. I am not so crazy about study. I am a book-worm but not “college-book-worm”. I am more Novel-worm, Article-worm, and Magazine-worm. I am a CURIOUS CAT. If something new is laid in front of me, I would not sleep with satisfaction until I peel it, see how the texture of the skin, taste it, savor it, and a get a conclusion of what it is. That is a huge problem. I get into a lot of trouble because of this curiosity. The same thing happened in my studies, but to be frank, not for all subjects. There are certain subjects which made me bored indeed.

Certain things that I could give away today regarding my methods of studying are:
  1. In the beginning of any course, I always check the syllabus and find brief information on each topic just for my fun reference. I do not make notes on that. I would just go to google, type the topics and see what they are about. That’s all.
  2. I make sure I do not miss the first class on each course as mostly the teachers or lecturers would mention the most important topics to be covered during the semester in this first meeting. I did the same thing too when I was a lecturer. Hence, I make sure I am present on this first meeting and make sure I get the important topics.
  3. In each meeting there would certainly be new topics. I do not brush it off. When I am home, after watching my favorite movies, after having a good dinner, chat and fight with whoever wish to fight with me, I would try to find information on the topics which were discussed in class and make a short note of it. Well, I do that in routine manner, not even daily but at least 2 or 3 times a week.
  4. In case I developed curiosity regarding other issues which is not in the syllabus but related to it, then I would have some light reading just to support whatever theories I am studying. Sometimes it helps in exam when you have to write certain examples or when you have to analyze the Case Study section.
  5. When the time comes for exam (mid-term or semester), I never go to details. I go through main points but at the same time making an assurance that I have the ability to elaborate the main points towards a decent paragraph along with examples if possible.
  6. About time-management during the exam. Usually I skim all the questions first. I would start from whichever part is easy and I would elaborate according to the mark-allocation. If the marks allocated for certain question is low, then it means no need to elaborate too much.
  7. CASE STUDY during exam. Well, CASE STUDY IS NOT EQUAL TO SWOT ANALYSIS. That is the most common mistake students do. Not all case studies could be turned into SWOT Analysis. Case Study is the best part of the exam as you are free to address the concern from whichever angles you wish as long as you are not digressing from the real topics. It is not a one-line way in answering questions. It is a way where you have to consider all angles and put it across in a proper way. Do not write mumbo jumbo or gibberish on this section. My ways of handling Case Study most of the time are:

  • Case Analysis : Highlighting the main concerns of the Case in your own words. Do not copy-paste as it would look so much like Kindergartners.
  • Assumption : If there is certain information which does not exist in the Case, but is actually important in order to address the concerns of the Case, then this is the time for you to make your own assumption. Your assumption might be different from others so do not bother.
  • SWOT Analysis (Optional) : When you need to make a choice in the Case Studies which put across two entities, then this is certainly required. Otherwise, DON’T because it would make your Case Study Analysis looks ridiculous.
  • Hit the Questions : Address the questions being asked by “thinking out of the box”. Usually Case Studies cover the whole topics that have been studied so try to club the strings of information you have in your brain cohesively.

Final Remark: Whatever things that you study, it is JUST 10% of what you would apply or witness in real working-environment, so in case your marks are not as satisfying as you wish, don’t bother. Life is much more than just simple Marks in your report cards. I’m sure the so-called “Last Benches” would agree on this ;).

I think I have covered enough. Hopefully it could be useful. BUT… this is my way. I have to do this in order to perform it efficiently. For each his own so do what is best for you.

There are two more things mentioned in the conversation today.

First, My Stone-Age phone. I will try to change it as soon as possible hahahaha. Everyone is using smart phones and most of my friends have been asking me to change it for the Love of God but it is a bad habit of mine where I could not change it when it is still functioning. I am stupidly loyal. Then maybe I could just sell it to second hand market, right? NO, that is the first phone I bought with my own money. No second hand market.

And Secondly, that young girl said something that made me fly to cloud-9 and I could not stop thinking what is happening today…. She said I am unique and I treat every aspect of my life equally and since she never sees me live, I tagged her one of my picture. She said I am pretty and that my husband will be the luckiest to get a girl like me who is perfect. Well, I know 100% that I am not perfect, lots of flat parts are there… but if I have a blessing for a marriage one day, and If I get a husband who sees me as a perfect life-partner for him and find himself lucky to have me in his arms for the rest of my life… I think I would be one of the luckiest women on earth. Bless the Lips which say that. AMEN.

And a message for Sahana and other girls out there who want to be like “somebody”… Learn from that “somebody’s” experience BUT always Be yourself. Your role model is not that perfect. Every human is unique so rather than trying to be like “somebody”, Be yourself, Create your own trademark, Show-off your uniqueness in a humble way, Be confident with who you are. All you need to do is just walk on your shoes properly, Respect yourself so that others will respect you the same way, Be careful with your words because that bone-less tongue is very dangerous sometimes AND By the grace of God, You will come out just Beautiful and Shining.


  1. I am both happy and sad at the same time, and I'm still trying to figure out how cn u b so perfect wich I cnt b !! Nyways its an awesome blog. Not what we say about hw much v get inspired n guided, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving. Thank you so much for the tips.and It is one's attitude that determines whether life unfolds into a place of happiness or sadness.Indeed, looking at the same rose bush, some people complain that the roses have thorns while others rejoice that some thorns come with roses. It all depends on your perspective!! Your words will surely help me and hopefully guides me ! God blezzz :)

  2. Wish you shine with your own star Sahana :)... Be blessed always!