Monday, March 11, 2013

Stories of The Day

The flowers of the non-edible almond at the office yard have started blooming... Finally Spring has come :)
 Just now I came to a website named and found some interesting postings, such as:

This story reminds us to give the best in our worst, because like the hunchback says "The evil you do remains with you; The good you do comes back to you".

This story is a reminder for us that a split second anger seems very right at that moment, but once it is launched, the effects are permanent. Other people may not take our words as easily as we do because every person has his own background. The scar will remain.

This article reminds us for the small things we could do for our loved ones in order to preserve a good relationship, a good friendship, a good companionship, or any other kinds of "ship" :). Relationship requires feelings and feelings require nurturing.

This is my favorite. The tendency to look for materials without balancing the spiritual and emotional life will not get us anywhere. Fight for your life, earn well for your future, but do not forget your roots, do not forget where you belong because materialistic growth without spiritual maturity is equal to zero.

I am speechless with this story. Please read and I'm sure you agree with me that this particular Grandpa is indeed born as a gambler ;).

Save the best for the last, they said... THIS one story has made me laughing till my tears are coming out. You don't read the other stories, I will say "It's fine", but if you don't read this one "You miss one day in your life" hahahaha...

Have a nice reading folks and Have a bright week ahead!

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