Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pencil Drawing

I have always had an interest in drawing. For that short moment when I am drawing, I would be engrossed in something I like and forget what lies around.

I used to paint with water colors. Water colors have always been my favorite. I had several brushes - sharp pointed, round, rectangular, etc. I had a good palette and proper drawing carton papers. I was not a good painter, though but painting (no matter how terrible the result is) makes me happy and so I kept doing it.

When I start venturing out of home, this habit almost went out of sight due to the hectic routine of studying and working. Now, I have some time again to spend for that activities, but the problem is that I don't have THAT much time to mix the colors and to clean up the mess, but coincidentally I bumped into The Art of Pencil Drawing Tutorial in the internet. I went through it and found that it is even more fun than water colors.

If in water colors, you are playing with color combination and color mixing, in pencil drawing, you are playing with strokes, thickness, and shades. It is more efficient. You could use any kinds of paper you wish, you don't have to spend too much time to finish one work, and the most important thing, you can erase it when you think the strokes are not proper, which you can't do with water colors.

There are many kinds of pencils you could use, but my favorite has always been Staedtler and Faber-Castell. Maybe it is just a matter of brand loyalty. Well, now, for drawing purpose, you could use pencils starting from 9H until 9B pencils (based on its hardness and blackness) in order to get different kinds of strokes, shadings, and sharpness, but in case that you are not that much into it, pick the neutral one - 2B. This 2B pencil is all-time pencil. You could make the light strokes until the thick one with different pressures. In all my drawing that I am going to showcase today, I am using only one type of pencil - 2B of Faber Castell.

By the way, if you are interested in pencil drawing, you could refer to "Pencil Drawing Techniques" edited by David Lewis and if you are interested in color pencil drawing, you could refer to "ANIMALS - Learn to Draw with Colored Pencil Step by Step" by Debra Kauffman Yaun. You could download these two books for free. To be frank, I love the Colored Pencil Drawing by Debra Yaun, they truly look like real objects, but since I have not got any access to color pencils yet, I would stick to Just Pencil for now.
The Rooster

The Rose - Drawn as per my mom's request. God, She loves roses too much
Drawing "books" is not my cup of tea. I never feel satisfied drawing this one object

For This Picture, I do wish I have a cottage like this one day.... Nothing could be more peaceful than sitting near the tree and watch the sunset... Imagining it makes me feel calm already ;)
Now, drawing human beings is a challenging task... For the first time, I did it somehow ok ok :)

However, those are all my works for now. BUT, I wish to share you several shots that I had these last couple of days. Hope you could enjoy it too!

For the first picture, please have a look at the top cloud of this picture. I see that as a young boy hovering in the sky. I saw it first when I was sitting at my desk in the office and the moment I realized that it looks like a boy, I just went out and take the shot.
Now that I see it, the lower cloud looks like a warthog hahahaha :)

As the spring starts, the roses are also blooming. They are just adorable...

The Queen Rose - Right in the middle of the front yard :)

And for the last pictures, I would show you the contrast of Winter and Spring of the same location!
Our front yard during Winter

The same front yard in the Spring :)
Nature really has magnificent ways to show its beauty, power and elegance folks and I am sure, so do you. Good night and have the sweetest dreams ever. Be blessed always!

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