Sunday, April 21, 2013

Religions and Stereotyping!

"Fighting" to prove which one is "Peaceful"

Today, I felt like touching one of the most sensitive topics we have. I would start by asking you “According to you, what is Religion?”

If you ask me, then my answer would be “The way to communicate with a superior Power whom we refer as God. It is the language we speak to convey our prayers and the same language in which we put faith to guide our conducts; while God is the small voice deep inside our soul who guide us in our daily conduct – the voice which reminds to keep being in the right track, the voice which would cry when we do bad, the voice which would rejoice when we do the right thing”.

Nowadays, Religion becomes a trademark. It has become a medium to stereotype a person.
“Oh, he is “this” religion. He behaves like “this”.
“Oh, he is “that” religion. He behaves like “that”.

Why have we become so narrow minded that we judge a person based on his believe about God? Like what I have mentioned in my previous posting, a man is a man not because of his religion or his parents or his environment, but because of his choice. No one wants to be bad, and no religion teaches a person to be bad, but circumstances make people take such bad decision. It’s not the fault of religion. It’s the problem of mind-set. Let’s not blame the religion.

Now, for example, by going to religious shrine regularly, donate millions to it, but without respecting the elders, without respecting people who love him/her, without helping others in need, would that make a person a good religious man? A religious person to the outside world, maybe; but definitely not a good person.

People are competing over religions, people are trying to drag other people from different religious perspective to believe their religions. What is wrong with us? Asking someone to believe something just because we believe it is possible and there is no harm at all in doing it, but to which extent? To the extent of pestering a person? To the extent of underestimating other religions to show that our religion is superior?

If we find a person who is going astray from the righteous ways, then God may be the answer in order to bring that person back to track, not religion. We could explain it through religion, but the belief that a person has is absolutely his choice and no one would have the rights to judge that.

There are so many incidents happening on earth where religions have become the mediator to take the blame. Those who use religion to do wrong deeds have definitely no courage to take action on his/her own choice of decision, while those who blame someone’s deeds for his/her religion have a very narrow perspective about life and about human behavior.

All humans share different skin colors, different religions, but not different blood. All of us are on the same boat. We share same life-cycle, our perception about food is the same all over the world, and each human being has his own struggle. No human eats stone and no human has water running in his vein.

No religions teach bad things. The ways may be different, but the destination is one. No religions want human being to act against his faith, yet religions expect humans to act based on his conscience. There is no so-called better religion or worse religion. If we do bad things which are not supposed to be done, it is not the religion which is the problem, it is us. If we do good things which are supposed to be done, it is not the religion which is the cause, it is us. It is our choice on how to have an independent thinking, yet know where our boundaries lie.

When a patient is dying in the hospital, all the so called good doctors are expected to try his/her best to save the patient. There is no assumption that “Hindu doctor would do A”, “Christian doctor would do B”, “Moslem doctor will do C”, etc. All doctors from all religions would be believed to do the same thing, and that is to give his best to save the patient. While doctors are expected to be like that, why do we other humans behave so indifferently about our basic roles on this earth?

If someone points his/her finger to you and say “Your religion is bad”, would you jump up and down trying to explain? What is the point if you do that? It won’t lead both of you anywhere except to a greater despicable fight. Every religion has its own ways and customs and if we judge those as unacceptable then perhaps we do not understand what religion is in the first place.

Our world revolves around myriad of beliefs and if we keep trying to find the pros and cons for each of those beliefs, then trust me that we won't have time to reflect on our own inner conscience and determine what kind of human we would like to be and what kind of deeds we wish to share with our people.

Let's see human as human. Forget the attributes he is carrying that identifies his religion. Judge him based on his heart, judge him based on his deeds, not his religion nor skin color because those who have beautiful hearts do not need religion to make them shine brighter than the sun.

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