Monday, May 13, 2013

Garden During the Mid of Spring

I just can't help without sharing all the spring pictures. So many flowers have bloomed in the mid of this spring in our front garden. This is the second time for me to see truly big roses other than those that I saw in Ooty, India.

The birds, the flowers, the trees... I just can't believe that those were the trees which during the winter looked like sticks.
This bird flew into the house and Mr. N caught it.  So cute... and Don't worry.. we released it after this shot ;)

I put some rice on the balcony and this bird is coming to eat it :)

The Zebra Flower :D

Look at the layers...The smell of this kind of rose is just toooooooo goooood :)

The rose bush before the full bloom

Three Roses in my mom's hands :)

One of the best shot I have ever taken :D

After the full bloom :). If you observe, you could see 2 roses grow near the main steam. They grow even down there :)

Here is the close-up of those 2 roses

The most outer branch hanging down due to the weight of those roses

People say my palm size is huge and this rose is even more huge

Two-color rose :)

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