Monday, May 20, 2013

Informal Gathering in Indonesian Embassy

Two days ago, there was a gathering in Indonesian Embassy. It was just an informal monthly gathering and since it was held in the morning, I could have the chance to participate (my curfew is 5pm ooops). It was truly nice to be around the people who speaks your language and eat the food which are familiar to your tongue.

We were there for having a friendly sports activities actually, but due to the heat, it was canceled and finally all we did was just sitting under the trees and talk A-Z. God knows what inspired the topics we talk. Starting from personal things, food material, discipline, business, and kitchen. It was a sweet mumbo jumbo.

We sat under the trees while eating rujak (it is an Indonesia fruit mix), prawn & chicken pastel (curry puffs), potato chips, and kue sus (cream puffs) - my all time favorite. All the dishes were made by the ambassador's wife. She's a very good cook. For a moment, I felt like I was back home.

After that, we headed for lunch and the lunch was too good. After 6 months, finally I could eat plain steam rice (it is difficult to get plain steam rice here as everyone is eating palau or rice cooked with tomato, onion, and oil), tempe (fermented soy bean). It was cook with ketchup and chili (sambal tempe) and the taste was heavenly. Other than that, we had oseng sapi (beef stir fry), bayam tumis (spinach cooked in garlic), kerupuk (I'm not sure what the name for this in English, maybe I could call as chips), kentang goreng asam manis (sweet and spicy potato chips), Bangkok salad with home-made gravy (I thought it was Thousand Island gravy, but it was home-made mixture. The taste was similar to one of the best brands for toppings and I was lucky to get the recipe). AND the main hit was Bakso (meatball soup or sometimes called as miso). The meatball was chicken & prawn mix with mi hun (no idea what you call that in English) and mi kuning (egg noodle) with the best and the hottest chili sauce + deep fried onion + ketchup + leek. OH my my.. I was FULL and now I'm  hungry again thinking about it.

Here are the pictures of the culinary delights :)

After the lunch, the karaoke session started. The ambassador started singing while we were eating and finally came the turn where I have to contribute as well. I had never gone to any Karaoke in my life as I found it totally uninteresting but that day I was determined to embarrass myself, no matter I sing like a mockingbird or like a duck. I tried with "Heal the World" by MJ but I lost the tune in the middle so I finally sang "The End of The World" by The Carpenters and "Yesterday" by The Beatles. I thought I sang like a hungry donkey, but thank God.. I got quite good appraisal. One of the Indian American who was present there as a guest told me that I sang very well. That was the first time I sang in public ever and I think it's just a beginner's luck OR maybe I should change my profession as a singer?? ;)

The day ended up well and we got a take-home. It is a custom in the embassy to cook more than needed so that the "home food hungry people" like us could take away some of the food home. Pathetic of me, I know... but no matter what compromises, this tongue will never compromise about the food I love. I brought my all time favorite, kue sus for sure, curry puffs, tempe, and salad.

Thank you very much, Indonesian Embassy... Can't wait for the next gathering :)

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