Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Trip to the Japanese Embassy

Today again I had the chance to go out of the office compound for a meeting in Japanese Embassy and it was another adventure.

The weather here is getting better, it is no longer shivering cold; the sun was shining brightly, I did not have to wear all the heavy clothings anymore (I hate heavy clothings on my body, it feels like being in a straightjacket).

The dry rocky mountain range which surrounds the city is no longer brown and dry. This year, Afghanistan gets quite good rainfall compared to what had been going on for decades. This year is quite a blessing with all the water pouring down from heaven which helps in eliminating the drought problem occurring in some regions. I could witness the mountain range which becomes a nest for housing has the trees blooming freshly in greens and the lands full of grass patches. It is good to see that despite the conflicts in the country, nature has its own way to give its blessing.

Now, let's go back to my trip to the embassy. Entering the clustered embassy area, we could see the highly secured ground where check posts exist every 10 to 20 meters. We could see the soldiers from different countries with different colors along with all the precautions taken. Once we entered the compound, the car was checked for any explosive substances using a metal detector, we were asked to step out of the car and enter a special cabin to be checked, then the car doors and bonnets were opened.

I asked my boss "What is next? Why are all opened?" and he said "The dogs are coming". I was like "WHAT???? What dogs?? Who dogs???" and YES, he was indeed serious. A huge German Shepherd came. That was the sexiest dog I have ever seen. I am not sure the origin of the soldier who handled that German Shepherd but he looks like an African, I am not sure. That dog checked the whole car and we were clear.

After the checking, the dog was standing not more than 2 meters from where I was standing and now I regret why I did not try to approach him and say "Hi". Would they allow if I did, only God knows. Even the dog did not care about me, he did not even look at me. Maybe I am not sexy enough for him hahahahaha... But, honestly, that German Shepherd was really magnificent. I never see one live and today was my first time, that was exquisite. He was huge, tall enough for its breed, and walk as if he is the king of the area. All the security checking and the dogs made me feel like being in an action movie.

I have never really seen guns and rifles in my life except once when I was in Pune, India; I got the chance to hold one heavy hunting rifle. In Indonesia, it is very rare to see naked guns; even the guns of the police would be kept inside the holster, but in here, wherever I see, I see guns and rifles. The police patrols who are roaming around the city sit on their truck with guns pointing right to our faces, the security guards of a mall is carrying a 1.5 meter rifle. It is a common scene here and at times I just forget that I am here and find those scenes as common ones that I have seen all my life.

Cameras are not allowed in most of the areas in the city, otherwise I would have shown you all how out-of-worldly-world it is to be here and how adventurous I feel about myself. Every time we got out, it is like we keep our soul in God's hands and take it back from Him once we return home safely. There is no guarantee that we would return in one piece. Anything is possible and that is sometimes how we realize how valuable but at the same time, how meaningless our lives are.

However, the meeting in Japan Embassy went on well and on the way home, I did not see that German Shepherd again. He was taken to his custody it seemed. I reached home with an excessive adrenaline rush. With this weather, I truly could enjoy going out and experience things which I have not experienced ever in my life, and I thank God for this part of life that has been given to me for my tasting. This part of my life is "My Fairy Tale" ;)

Sexy :)


  1. scary but fun for I guess. I had the same experience with this German S. My family used to pet this breed. Our last dog was big and tall. I was around 1 y.o and looked like a snack pack when we posed together. It even barked at me for no reason... If only I could barked him back.

    1. Hahaha... snack pack?? He should see u now, even without u trying to bark at him, m sure he would run for his life :P... I wish I had a pet to tell story about. My dad used to have only fish :D