Monday, June 10, 2013

The Secret of Winning

Today, I shall share a story of one tiny frog. I took this story from one presentation file in

The story goes like this:

One day, there was a group of tiny frogs and they decided to run a competition. The competition was about climbing the highest tower that they have at their place.

Then came the announcement about the timing of the competition and at the mentioned time, all the other tiny frogs gathered around the tower to cheer and to see what would happen next.

All the contestants gathered around and the race was about to start. Before the start-off whistle blew, some of the spectators commented. They said "The tower is too high. It's impossible for any of them to reach the top."

The whistle blew and all the contestants started racing upward, climbing the high tower with all their might.

The crowd started jeering "It's impossible. They are not gonna make it. It's too high." That was true. Some of the tiny frogs who participated in the competition fell off the tower.

The crowd started shouting again. "No way. They would all fall down." That was true. Another group of tiny frogs fell off the tower as well.

Only a few tiny frogs were left and the crowd was shouting again. "It can't be. No frog could reach that. It's beyond the capacity." That was true. Another group of tiny frogs fell off the tower, except for one frog which is climbing in steady pace.

The crowd again jeering at that tiny frog. They said "Hey, you will fall buddy. You can't reach that. Its height is unimaginable." But, it was funny... that tiny frog keep moving up steadily and reached the top of the tower triumphantly.

Finally after that winning tiny frog reached the ground, he was interviewed. The interviewer who was also a tiny frog of course, asked him "How did you manage to climb that surprisingly high tower?". That tiny frog didn't answer and it was found out that the tiny frog which won the race was DEAF. Yes, he was deaf. He didn't listen to any of the words that the crowd said. All he knew is that the competition is about reaching the top of the tower and he did it.

So, what is the moral of this story? I am sure it's clear enough for you, but however, I will do my part :).

Folks, there are many times in life where you find people around you who discourage you from what your heart desires. It's not that they intentionally wish to discourage you, but it's a common human trait to say that something is impossible when they see it is impossible. I might be the person who would discourage also if according to "my perception" something is not do-able. It is a common phenomenon. But, I understand that I was wrong when I was in the position where people started discouraged me about what I wished to do.

The things that determine whether you could do something or not is not the crowd surround you, but the power that you have inside you. The strength that has been blessed by God to each of us. It's just about we wish to use it or not.  Human mind have the tendency to run in the same course as other people's opinion. If other people say you can't do it, there is a chance you would program it to your brain and decided to yourself that you can't do it. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE, FOLKS. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.

You are the one who determines what you can and what you can't. There would be people out there who would say:

"What are you doing? It's completely crazy. You must not do it." or
"Do you know how hard it is out there? You would not survive." or
"Trust me, you can't do it. It's just not for you." or
"You are a woman for heaven's sake. It's impossible for you to do such thing." or
"It's a huge work. You would collapse before even you start. Better leave it." or
"No one ever succeed trying to do that. Don't waste your time on that. Do something which is possible." or
"See.. I told you.  It's not possible. It's difficult. You are stubborn."

Do those sentences sound familiar? I am sure your answer would be "YES".

BE DEAF, folks. When you hear someone says one of the sentences above, be deaf. You know what you want. You know your ambition. You know what your heart desires. You know your obsession. As long as you follow the path of God and you think you "want" to do it. THEN DO IT. It's not the crowd who would determine you, but yourself.

Whatever you wish to do today, do it and you shall see the fruit! Be blessed always!

Break the boundaries, follow the light, and live your life the way you wish it to be. Because life is too short to be a follower and in the end, when you exhale the last breath of yours, you should know that you have done what you believe and even if you fail, you should be satisfied that you have tried. AND that is more than a blissful satisfaction of life.

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