Friday, July 19, 2013

93rd UOM Convocation - Mysore, Karnataka

It has been a while since I updated this blog. I was busy travelling and busy attending my graduation ceremony.
93rd Annual Convocation of University of Mysore-Karnataka at Crawford Hall
The 93rd Convocation of University of Mysore (UOM) was held on 5th July 2013. Usually the convocation of UOM takes place in March or April but due to some reason, this year it was a bit delayed. However, it was a great experience. The registration for the convocation took place one day before the convocation, which was 4th July. Here is the clipping of the local news in Kannada language. I surely don't understand what is mentioned there, but basically it was saying about the registration process. 

The dress code for the convocation was white-white and therefore, no matter what dress you are wearing, it is to be white and white. For ladies, they could wear Punjabi Suits or Sarees without any color borders. Since it has been a while for me to wear saree and never wear in public, I decided to wear a saree and by the grace of God, it didn't fall down. Thank you for the aunty for putting as many pins as she could during my frustrated saree wrapping process.

The event went on successfully especially when it was highlighted with the presence of Mr. Anil Kumble who is the Chairman of International Cricket Council (ICC)'s Cricket Committee. Other than him, the other honorable people are Sri Hansraj Bhardwaj (Governor of Karnataka & Chancellor, UOM), Dr. M. M. Pallam Raju (Union Minister for Human Resource Development Government of India), Prof. K. S. Rangappa (Vice Chancellor, UOM), Sri R. V. Deshpande (Minister for Higher Education & Tourism Government of Karnataka & Pro-Chancellor, UOM), and other honorable members.

The Gold Medal of UOM

The Gold medals were distributed in the first session of the convocation and the rest of the ceremony for the PhD scholars was conducted in the afternoon session. By the grade of God, everything has gone smoothly and special thanks to Mr. JJK for accompanying my mother during the whole procession. God be with him.

The famous bent pine in front of Crawford Hall
Will be with you again on Mysore trip on the next posting :)

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