Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sightseeing Mysore Area

Mysore had been my home for 2 years and it has been a joy to be able to spend time in that wonderful place. The weather is excellent, the people are blessing in my life, the academic life was God's special blessing, and the lesson learned about budgeting is very much valuable for the rest of my life :).

This time when I stayed in Mysore from 1 July 2013 until 15 July 2013, I was busy with graduation ceremony, saree shopping, personal shopping, meeting friends, and rounding the city. The time was just fit. It was a good holiday I shall admit, especially with the presence of Mr. JJK who had been a good photographer, a good guide to get things in cheaper price, a good care taker, a good laptop fixer, a good negotiator, and a good friend who keeps reminding me the message of God.

However, I think I just better share the pictures for today.
Srirangapatna - Entrance to Tippu Sultan Palace

Srirangapatna - The place where Tippu Sultan found dead

Lunch Out with Mom after Book Shopping - Mushroom Kadai & Prawn Sizzler :)

Flower Bouquet given at BIMS for my Felicitation

On the way to Chamundi  Hill

Mysore View Point - the spot where you could see the entire city of Mysore

One cheeky monkey eating people's snack at Chamundi Temple parking lot :)

Chamundi Temple Goburam

One of My Favorite Shots at another Mysore View Point :)

Mysore Race Course ground (the vast green area)

Nandi Temple - This statue was carved from one single stone and its HUGE

One broken blue egg shell was found near the sugar cane plantation in Srirangapatna

Sugar Cane Plantation in Srirangapatna area

Flowers sold at Kaveri River bank.. they call it Samke Wo :)

Kaveri River

Trying hard to catch one single fish :)

Sangam - The joint point of two rivers - Kaveri & Paschima Vaahini at Srirangapatna

Sangam - Srirangapatna

On the way out of Srirangapatna

This photo on my blog is a request :)... Btw, they are carrying a kind of river boat :)

Rose Garden

In front of Tippu Sultan Palace

Tippu Sultan Palace

Tippu Sultan Palace

Rangan Thitu Bird Sanctuary - A cut tree trunk cum garbage bin :)

Full Version :)

Rangan Thitu Bird Sanctuary

Monkey at Rangan Thitu woods

Found a crab at the Rangan Thitu walking path

A small croc at Rangan Thitu water area

Medium Size Croc

Not so many birds at month of July and hence here is the best shot at Rangan Thitu Bird Sanctuary

Singly Birdy

Our boat and this croc's distance was not more than 4 metres... It was said that once, a croc ever jumped to a boat. Thank God that day we were safe ;)

Returning to the river bank

at Rangan Thitu


The expression of this sexy dog after we took the shot was like "Don't you guys have any other job? I'm resting. Can't you see morons?" LOL

KRS Dam - On the way to Brindavan Garden

On the way to Brindavan

A group of Black Ducks swimming in the KRS water flow

Brindavan Garden near Entrance

KRS Dam view from Brindavan Garden

On the Top of Brindavan Garden - Memorial of Maharaja Sri Krishna Raja

Brindavan Garden from Top

Dancing Fountain at Brindavan Garden - Every day starts at 7pm

Early Morning shot at home :)

I don't know what bird this is but it always perch in the same location every morning and evening every day
There are still many other shots at other places, but I think I am tired enough to upload these today :)... Hope you enjoy the view and if you wish to visit India for a holiday, please do visit Mysore. It's one of the place where you could get things calmly without much rush. Happy evening all. God bless you!!


  1. nice pics about Mysore,its a beautiful place.nice blog

  2. Thank you very much absolutelyawesomethings :) It is indeed a wonderful place :)