Monday, July 29, 2013

Kuala Namu International Airport - Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia

The Polonia Airport that has served Medan society for ages has been shifted to Kuala Namu area. The new airport is named Kuala Namu International Airport. The airport has been built in a better way with better system. Kuala Namu International Airport has been in operation since 25 July 2013 and the old Polonia Airport is turned into Military Base that belongs to Indonesian Air Force. The new name of the base would be Soewondo Air Force Base.

Welcome Board
Today, I, Ensui, Kiminiko went to the new airport to have a look at the road ways to reach there and to see how the way the airport was built. It is a pleasure to finally have that kind of airport in this city.

The Domestic and International airport both lie in the same building with different sections. Domestic would be on the Right Wing while the International would be on the Left Wing of the building. The Arrival section is on the ground floor while the Departure section is on the second floor. One of the major difference that we could see from the new one is that at Polonia airport, the non-passengers could not enter inside the airport building and they would have to stop at the main entrance gate, while at this new airport, the non-passengers could enter inside the airport building and accompany the passenger check-in until they enter the final gate for the immigration area. And Yes, you could see the passenger enter the aircraft and see the aircrafts take-off or land, which was completely impossible in the fully-covered Polonia airport where the only thing you could observe is the sound of the plane.

Location wise, from the center of the city, it would take approximately 1 hour to reach the airport. The moment you get out of the airport gate, you have to go through 32km distance to reach Medan. The airport has established various ways to reach the complex starting from shuttle bus, railway (ARS = Airport Railink System), and Airport Highway. The direct train system is on progress.

For the Medan people, the airport project that was pended for a couple of years has been finally established, so Congratulations and happy journey and here are some of the shots that I and Kiminiko have taken.
Entering Airport Complex

The Boarding Gates Area at the Ground Floor

Final Gate where Non-Passenger could send off the passengers. Gate 1-4 for International and Gate 5-12 for Domestic flights

Arrival Section

Check-In/Drop Off Counters

Parking Lot

Going out of the airport

Palm Oil Plantation outside the Airport Area

And by the way, after the long tiring roaming around at the airport complex, we end up with these ;)
Strawberry Juice for Kiminiko, Double Hot Chocolate for me, and Rosy Tea for Ensui :)

Roast Banana with Chocolate & Cheese (Mine & Kiminiko's) and Peanut+Chocolate Toast (Ensui's)

Sunaco's Late Lunch & Early Dinner I suppose :P
That's all folks for today. Now time to hit the bed. Have a great time :)


  1. I read on newspaper about the train railway in the future. Hope it will be the 1st in Indonesia. Congrats for Medan people for having such a clean and modern airport.

    And for the food, I have a hypothesis how you can eat plenty of food without gaining your weight. You would distribute it equally from head to toe.... lol. nath

  2. Thank you Nath and about the food, the secret is not on the equal distribution but on timely "setor" LOL