Sunday, September 22, 2013

One Friend - That is YOU!

I was busy working on my task this morning when I got a ping from a friend. The e-mail contained a song that truly made my day and I thought I shall share it with you and make today as the day where I could thank all of you to come into my life.

That was a really lovely song with really great lyric.

Thank you for all my friends out there who have been a wonderful part of my life.

A friend who squeezes the time from his office just to have a short talk with me.

A friend who always screws my brain day and night with silly messages that I always enjoy.

A friend who has kept an absence roll during my stay in Afghanistan to make sure I am alive every single day.

A friend whom I could always go and tell the most ridiculous thing EVER.

A friend with whom I have fought like HELL BREAKING LOOSE just to talk normally in the next day without even remembering what the fight was about.

A friend  who always makes me eat a lot even though she knows I eat like pig all the time.

A friend who never puts me in a "Girl Category". God knows why.

A friend who has faith in me that I shall do what I have to do without a single doubt.

A friend who has always included me in his prayer.

A friend who has helped me get back to the right mind set from all the chaos.

Friends who could suddenly simply come out of nowhere to be there for me.

Friends with whom I could laugh my belly & heart out for the smallest thing ever.

AND for all the new families I have met who have shown me Love, Trust, Support, and Care.

God bless you all and wish you have a lovely life always.
Thank you once again for the trust & love.
Love you all, folks. Have a happy Sunday.

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