Thursday, September 12, 2013

When is the Auspicious Time???!!

Yesterday evening I talked to one of the family friends who mentioned about some things that set me off the roof. I was so angry that I started preaching. At least that was what I thought I was doing.

Some people have the habit of focusing their lives in good timing & bad timing or we say it Auspicious & Not Auspicious.

So, yesterday we were talking about one boy who was born maybe 5 or 6 years ago and it was said that the time the boy was born is not good and hence it would bring bad influence to the family. That was supposed to be the most ridiculous thing I could ever heard, but unfortunately it wasn't the first time I heard such things. In different occasion a year ago, there was a man who passed away. They said that the time he passed away was not a good time and hence, the house where he lived his last days should be emptied at least for 6 months so that there won’t be any bad effect to the family.

Jeez… What on earth are people thinking?

Just because of that, can we say to an unborn baby “Hey dude, tomorrow at 9am is not a good time so you hang on in there okay? Don’t come out until the time passes 9am.” Or maybe, can we say “Hey little one, now is the right time to come out, the time is auspicious, so please come out. Hurry up!!! Chop chop chop!!!” Can you say that?

Or maybe we could say to a dying man, “Hey buddy, if you die now, the timing is so bad, the entire family has to vacate the house for 6 months, so you please die tomorrow ok?” or maybe we could say “Sir, on Friday between 3 – 6pm is the best time to die, so you please die accordingly ok. Remember sir, not before 3pm and not after 6pm BUT BETWEEN 3 - 6pm”. Can you say that???

If a baby is born on Monday, at 05:51:20pm, then it is the time that GOD Himself has set for that baby to come to this stupid world. NO MAN. I REPEAT folks, NO HUMAN OR ANY OTHER CREATURE could question that and say that it is good time or bad time. It is God’s time and He knows what to do. We are no one to judge such things.

If a person dies on Sunday, at 02:34:45am, then it is the time that GOD Himself has promised to take that person back to him. NO HUMAN OR ANY OTHER CREATURE could say that it is not a good time or a bad time. It is God’s time and He & only He has the authority to that. We have 0% right to judge that.

If parents divorced after a child was born, it is because it is bound to happen. It is the plan of God. If parents become well off after a child is born, it is also because it is bound to happen. It is indeed the plan of God as well.

Some says that after a child is born, then his parents start fighting. That child brings bad omen. Some says that when a child is born, a family member passed away and hence that child brings bad luck.

If I say it point blank, WHY don’t you have sex at the right hour, right minute and right second so that you could conceive at the right hour, right minute, and right second and your child could be born at right hour, right minute, and right second? Can you do that??? WE CAN’T, but we are so blind-hearted that we could blame the birth time. What inhuman gesture is that? What authority do we have on that?

Every single thing that happens on earth serves its own purpose. Whether a baby’s birth is planned or unplanned, whether a death happens as we wish or not, it will go with its own flow.

Let’s not be submissive to the hypocrisy of saying ourselves as a man of God and takes God as the sovereign power that has the authority of our lives, when at the same time, we play God by judging other people’s birth or death as auspicious or not. Let’s not be a hypocrite and play God by ourselves.  Are we questioning God’s timing? Are we that shallow? Are we that strong to question God’s willing? Who are we to do that? WE ARE NOT GOD to determine such things, folks. WE ARE NOT GOD, for heaven’s sake.

STOP discriminating your children just because you think one is born at good time and another is born at bad time.

Just remember that everything that happens is not yours to judge. Accept things as they are. Struggle for better changes, but don’t blame death time and birth time. You are not that powerful to do that and you will never be. If you have such perception, PLEASE, change it. Whatever you wish to start, start with the name of God. Whatever you have in your hands, be gracious for that, and have faith in God… The rest will be taken care of - That's one of the things that I could be 100% sure of.

Faith Honors God & God Honors Faith.
Have a great day ahead with fresher point of view. Be blessed!

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