Sunday, October 20, 2013

Impression - Providence = Imagination

As my usual routine, I was reading 19 October message of Streams In The Desert Volume One by Mrs. Charles Cowman yesterday. The message given there has brought something in my mind that I might share in a different way from what it was shared in the book.

If I may quote the first paragraph of that particular message:
"God does give us impressions, but not that we should act on them as impressions. If the impression be from God, He will Himself give sufficient evidence to establish it beyond the possibility of a doubt."

We have the tendency to act upon impressions alone in our lives. How many of us ever boasted about something exquisite which we were so confident to happen in our lives and start celebrating around while in the end all we have is a crash landing due to the un-realized impressions?

We boasted that we would be elected the new manager perhaps. Based on what? Impressions.
We boasted that our kids shall be the champion on a race & start rambling around. Based on what? Impressions.
People keep telling you that you would be the newly elected CEO and you started having big-head walking around with your chest puffed & shoulders squared. Based on what? Impressions.

Have you ever seen a genius in college who was bragged by his/her friends that he/she would be the champion of the year and then he/she started showing an attitude that makes him/her not deserve the championship? What is the point of winning if you are eventually qualified as un-deserving? It happens. 

Now, maybe you think that it's not harmful. The least could happen is that you lose your face and it's common politics in life. Well, yes. BUT how elegant could it be if you wait until some evidence is provided in order to act accordingly? How elegant could it be if we could be humble enough to smile through the impressions and start celebrating after we signed the contract or after we win the game? Isn't it better? How many damages could you avoid in your life if you simply wait until the clear evidence of impressions if provided before you act?

It's not only for your elegance, though... It's also to have the ability to see the reality behind the fuss of extraordinary impressions. You may stand at the top of the world, but what differentiate you from a boaster and a humble-person-next-door is your acts on impressions.

Take time to have a solid ground on your act. Just because someone says something which create fantastic imaginary things, it doesn't mean that you have to jump without safeguard. See how true it is, test the water first, and if you are confident that it is indeed the way of your faith, then leap. Because in the end, if it is genuine enough, you will come to know.

Impressions without Providence are just Imagination. Accept the impressions with a smile, wait for the providence, and act accordingly. 

If you keep practicing this in your life, you shall have more elegance, look more humble, and have yourself more deserving for your life's success & blessings.

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