Thursday, October 17, 2013

Say It Today

I think I'm in a bit of poetic mood today after listening to some of Estas Tonne guitar magic. Thanks to a wonderful friend who introduced me to this guy who has magic in his fingers. So here we go with my melancholy side that I haven't touched for a while ;)

Say It Today

If you love me, look into my eyes & say it today

If you hate me, say it out loud today

If you miss me so badly, say it today and I will be there for you

If you secretly want me to do something, say it today and I will try my best to do it

If you admire me and yet never show it to me, please show me today so that I know

If you want me to go, say it today and I will go

If you feel like slapping me for my ridicule, please do it today

If you wanna hug me, come to me and hug me tight today like you'll never let me go

If you wanna kiss me, hold me close & warm and kiss me your heart out today

If you wanna dance in the rain with me, come and I shall dance with you today

If you wanna have a long walk under the moon light, come, I shall hold you close and we shall walk today

If you wanna see me, come and see me today

If you care for me, whisper it softly in my ears and stay with me for the rest of my life

Whatever you wish to do, do it today...

I will be waiting...
Because... Tomorrow I may no longer exist


  1. how about NO!!!!!!!!!! :-P

  2. NO for what Anonymous??? I don't understand for what is the NO, now :)