Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sex Toys Store in a Public Mall?

Yes, you read the title correct.
When I was doing some marketing research a couple of days ago, I encountered a debate in one of the news portal, that I couldn't remember which, about the similar topic.

Nowadays, with the all-round digital world, there are very limited barriers that could be set up to your children. You could find a great number of less-than-two-year-old toddlers who could send a message using iPhone or simply browse Tom & Jerry cartoons in YouTube using an Android or any tab in this matter. As parents, this is an unavoidable fact that you have to accept.

Now, with that, comes pornography which is easily accessible if it is not filtered. Nowadays, kids know better how to open the filters to access what they want and hence, the exposure to vulgar contents are pretty unavoidable most of the time.

AND now, like dripping oil to the fire, the presence of sex toys store in public mall has mushroomed. You could simply bring your children to a mall during the weekend and pass through a see-through sex toys store which display all the stuff that would trigger trillions of questions from the kids.

Is it really ethical? What are we doing to our generation actually? Are we pushing our children to grow quicker than they are supposed to be? Are we degrading their moral by accepting the exposure that the outside world is giving to us?

I am not truly sure whether this is correlated proportionally or not, but I have heard "child raping child" news quite often pop up in the media. A 10-year old raping a 5-year old. A 9-year old raping an 8-month baby. And about adult raping. It's running parallel to that, in higher speed even. Why is this happening? What is the trigger?

Surely it is impossible to solely blame the internet and the access it provides, because pornography doesn't spread merely through internet alone and pornography is not the sole reason, either. There are other psychological and social influences that we certainly could look into, but these kinds of cases have been a phenomenon in the news media.

I understand that this is the era of globalization where transparency of culture has become a major chunk of the society. We live in the era where we live in glass cubicles. In the sense that, we may still live with our own stances, but yet it doesn't stop us from having a crystal clear view on others' grounds as well.

Now, what I question myself is... with all the unavoidable access we have that could corrupt the innocent minds & moral, is it really necessary to put sex toys store in public mall where all groups of ages come and go?

Shouldn't we separate them in a different individual location where only people who want to go there could go? I don't know if that could minimize the impact, though. What do you think?

If there is anything to say, please feel free to comment!

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