Saturday, November 2, 2013

Are You Abusing My Concept of "Praying"?

These days, everything has rules and regulation. There is always a way of doing things. In order to perform one single task, one person or a group of people shall say one thing while the others would say another thing. Of course, "multiple ways in performing one task" is absolutely acceptable, but in some cases, that is not the case.

That one thing that I wish to take up is "to pray". I am not trying to make any inductive references related to this as I completely have no rights on that, but I definitely have my rights to voice my thoughts.

There are people out there who have forgotten the real meaning of "pray" and start nagging about what others do.

Some would say that "this fruit is not supposed to be placed for this deity". Some would say that "for this deity, you have to do it this way and for that deity, you have to do it that way". And if we ask, "Why such?", they would simply say "That's the way in the culture". If we ask why is it like this and that is like that, they would give unreasonable explanation that most common men won't understand.

If I ask "If I do it this way, what would happen?" and they would say "It would make the God angry". Thank God I didn't burst out laughing.

Some would value the "building" of the praying place as the very sacred place and he would only pray in that building and only in that building he would use proper wordings - no cursing, no chiding, no abusing. The moment he goes out of the building, then the old dirty drama shall start again.

So the conclusion here is that "God is building", isn't it?

When did we we stop understanding the meaning of praying and simply judge people on how he should communicate with his God? I have heard a saying "Common sense is not common at all". At one point of time, I thought it was a non-sense, but NOW, I truly understand what it tries to say.

Every person has his own way in communicating to God and yet, we have no right to judge others.

From my point of view and from what I know, to pray means to communicate with God. Seclude yourself from the noise, go to a quite place where you won't be disturbed, kneel down, close your eyes, and speak your heart. Talk to God whatever you wish to say. You are angry to someone because he was fooling around with you, tell that to God in your prayer. You feel excited because your boyfriend says you are beautiful, share that with God in your prayer. You have bad or good intentions, tell that to God. He will decide whether you could execute that or not.

I'm not telling you that we must not go to the praying places to pray. That we definitely have to do, because that's where the communal harmony could be established in our social life. The power of prayer of thousands hands put together is a miracle. Keep the sacred place as a sacred place, but let's not start judging others.

And remember, no one is perfect. We make mistakes, both in present and past and surely we will make some more in the future as well... BUT, every single day is a chance to polish yourself, to redress your mistakes, and to do better.

May this Deepavali brings more joy, more blessing, and better understanding of those blessings for those who celebrate and for every child of God. Good night and Be blessed, folks!

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