Sunday, November 17, 2013

Re-post: 10 Differences Between Dating A Boy and Dating A Man

Few days earlier, this topic came into my reading list as I'm one of the subscribers of Jarrid Wilson's blog. You could check the original source HERE.

10 Differences Between Dating A Boy Vs. Dating A Man
- A man will own up to his mistakes.
- A boy will make excuses for them.

- A man will respect your purity.
- A boy will let his desires control him.

- A man will respect you no matter the circumstance.
- A boy will respect you when he wants something in return.

- A man will do whatever it takes to provide.
- A boy will make excuses as to why he can’t provide.

- A man will prepare for the future.
- A boy lives in the moment.

- A man looks to gain the respect of your family.
- A boy look to gain popularity from people around him.

- A man is firm in his beliefs.
- A boy changes his beliefs depending on the girl.

- A man has integrity.
- A boy makes promises he knows he cannot keep.

- A man will always take an opportunity to learn.
- A boy thinks he knows everything.

- A man seeks more than just beauty
- A boy seeks beauty so he can show off.
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I think his post has spoken for itself. I don't need to say anything for it. However, Jarrid has accepted a comment that Girl vs Woman topic might come soon. Will share that too as soon as it is posted. And by the way, the other similar article that you might be interested in this one (click on it): Just My Type. Have a great week ahead :)

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