Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tragic Humor of Plastic Surgery

I accidentally read a posting today about how one husband sued his wife for giving him ugly children. I think you could read it here.

That article basically said about a woman who is less attractive who conducted plastic surgery, got married and for sure, she couldn't hide the true nature of her genes. She produces children whom her husband found "ugly" and hence, he sued her for cheating him about her true appearance.

I am not here to judge how he wrote it, but rather, I think I shall focus more on the moral values of the topic he has taken up. It's a pretty interesting social phenomenon that is currently happening everywhere.

And, please bear in mind, I AM NOT IN A SERIOUS MOOD today and hence, my posting may sound ridiculous or even sarcastic at some point. You read and take the gist as per your wish :)

There are many reasons a woman or a man conduct a plastic surgery - accidents, low self-esteem, too extreme body features which may not be comfortable to be seen by the outside world, etc.

Now, some people would say "Why would you want to do cosmetic surgery? God has given you that way, then accept it."

Yes, that makes perfect sense, but the outside world doesn't accept that so easily. For example, if you are a woman and you have a scar on your face (whether it is by birth or accident), what is your chance of being accepted as a professional employee in a company? Maybe that woman doesn't want to change anything and accept the fact that she has a scar on her face, but if at the same time, she has to feed her family and the job is important for her, what option does she have? Not much I'm sure.

And about men who run behind women with perfect features to make sure that their children are also produced well - that also makes sense to me, BUT to which extent? There are many people in the calibre of Miss Universe and Mister Universe and yet they may not have Baby Universe calibre of a child. It's genetic for heaven's sake.

If you are too handsome or too beautiful  now, there are still possibilities to have a too-ugly great grandmother or extremely ugly great great grandfather and those UGLY genes are still running in your blood even though you look as handsome as Vin Diesel now (I like Vin Diesel so bear with my example). If your child is suddenly ugly and you blame your so-called "operated" wife, can you guarantee that the genes don't come from your ancestors?

In the era where information is spread in a matter of seconds, and access to better knowledge is easier compared to 10 years ago, sometimes we even have shallower perceptions on things. I don't know why such. Maybe we should bang our heads more to make them work properly.

So, my tips if you wish to marry a woman and at least be safe, then do these:
  1. Look at the inner beauty instead of only some sexual attraction. Sexual attraction can go for good in a split second while it takes time or never for inner beauty to fade.
  2. Look at her childhood pictures to make sure there is nothing wrong with her that would make you feel sorry. Childhood pictures from that old dusty photo album can't be photoshopped for your information.
  3. Both of you must have comprehensive health check-up to make sure that the children won't be born with unwanted defects, such as blood anomalies, and other genetically carried disease or defects, including albino (bear in mind, albinos could be born from normal carrier parents. If albinos can, why can't "ugly". How if you are "ugly carrier", just like "albino carrier"?)
  4. See if mentally and spiritually, a woman has the capacity to be a mother of children and a woman of a home. A super-sexy wife without these criteria won't give you any long-lasting companionship. If you get a super-sexy wife with these criteria, then consider yourself hitting a double jackpot. Preserve that relationship even if YOU have to do plastic surgery ;)...*okay, I'm just kidding*
So the bottom line here for men out there, if you are not careful in the beginning AND LATER ON start suing your wife for giving ugly or malfunctioned children as you say it, then you are making a clown of yourself.

By the way, this posting is also directed for women when selecting men. Make sure he's not a transgender. You are free to choose your life-style and you are free to go with your own sexual orientation, whether you are a heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. But if you are a heterosexual, you definitely don't want to be a homosexual by marriage, right? So... YES, make sure he's not just a macho transgender.

Okay folks, it's time for me to swim in gallons of coffee to get me back to earth and start thinking deep and serious.

And before I end this, I want to say something from my heart. Being ugly or beautiful doesn't depend on your skin, on how sharp your nose is, on how slim your waist it, on how long your legs are, or on how broad and hairy chested you are (for men of course, don't have a heart attack yet).... Ugly or Beautiful is determined by the quality of your soul. No beautiful soul has ugly appearance. ALWAYS remember that. Have a bright day ahead!


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