Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wedding Jingles Are Everywhere, Single People!

Well, this time I think it's gonna be something uncomfortable for some of us. Being a single woman or a single guy at the age where it's reaching dusk, hearing the wedding jingles would create some uneasy tinglings. It is not about jealousy, it is not about having less capacity in accepting the facts... it's just a thought of "what is it like to be wedded?"
Being single at the age where you are supposed to be married, is something that the society finds "weird" about. It's as if marriage is compulsory. Well, the society is "weird". It has some set of norms & conventions which are incomprehensible at times. Who said marriage is compulsory?

Marriage a life choice (it's a choice, not an obligation) that you take when you find that one person whom you believe you could spend the rest of your life with. You believe you could communicate with him/her. You believe you could trust that person. You believe you could go through hard and soft with that person. You believe you could rely on that person. It's not simply about getting married just because society believes that is the way of life. If you do it for society's sake or for your parents' sake, you are doomed forever, folks!!! DOOMED!!

There are many single people out there, men and women, who have found what they want in their lives and marriage is no longer something they seek. They believe that if it has to come along, then it will come along. For those who still can't accept the fact that they are still single, I shall say... THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO SHAPE YOURSELF. THE BEST TIME TO FIND WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU WANT, WHERE YOU ARE HEADING, AND WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ACTUALLY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH. It's not something that you cry about or fuss about or depressed about.

Mr. Mario Teguh, the motivator, once ever said that if you are still single, then it's the time for you to have some introspection towards yourself as best as you could, so that you shall be ready when God brings your better half in front of you. Very well said Mr. Teguh.

For all the "happily" married couples, God bless you! You are lucky. For all the singles, the world is in your hands, stop pitying yourself and enjoy these benefits:
  1. You have all the time in the world to understand about yourself - know what you want, what you dislike, what makes you happy, what your values & principles are, what your strengths & weaknesses are, etc
  2. You have the capacity to know your friends & family better
  3. It's the time to fix some stain in your personality, character, behavior, and habits
  4. You could actually spend some time to decide what kind of person you actually wish to have as a life partner
  5. Less money worries as the expenditure for unnecessary grand dinner or weekend out could be cut
  6. Independence to choose the place where you wish to stay
  7. Independence to change your career (that might force you to move to different geographical location)
  8. Less headache from all the relationship fuss, tears, & drama which are indeed bound to happen
  9. You could travel to your favorite holiday destination without having to consider whether your partner would like it or not (not to mention, being single could cut you cost as you could simply be a back-packer)
  10. Have a hobby?? You have more time to spend time on it... so DO IT!
  11. Have a noble cause to support?? Go for it, babe!
  12. You could be your own boss. You are free to be spontaneous in making your own decision (warning: make sure you understand the consequences!)
Next time, someone asks you "Hey, when are you getting married?", just tell them "Get a life for heaven's sake, you dingbat!" ;) (well, depends on who ask the question though)

NOW, I'm not telling you that these benefits could be enjoyed for the rest of the life (except for some of us who are born to be a "single"-minded). Sooner or later, you would want to share your fun and sorrow with someone who deserves to be a part of your life.

For those out there who are still waiting for that one humble man or that one humble woman... I wish that you find the person who deserves to be in your life, a person with whom you could share the love, a person with whom you could fight without being intimidated, and a person who believes that you worth all the tantrums. Have a great day ahead, folks! God be with you!

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