Friday, November 29, 2013

When You Search, It Will Hide

When You Search, It Will Hide

When you were confirmed that you loose, you actually win

When you cry a river, the happiness comes bluntly in your face

When you have the capacity to wipe your own tears, you find a shoulder to cry on

When you want someone to help you, you are left alone

When you finally could advise yourself, people come and give you feedback

When you realize your mistakes, the people have gone for good

When you want love, people give you hatred

When you want family, you are laughed as undeserving & all you are left is loneliness

When you reject relationship, someone comes along the way & wants to be yours

When you run away from love, it chases you to the core

When you could eventually stand for yourself, people offer to stand by you

When you have grown up mentally, there are things you no longer could trace back

When you pray for something, the answer is sometimes NO

When you no longer know what to pray, God grows faith so strongly in you

When you want to get away, you are stuck in the place where you don't belong

And when you finally could fly away, there is no more return path


it forces you to learn when you want to learn the least

Sometimes it takes what you want and gives what you need

Sometimes it takes your soul & mould it in a way nothing could do

Sometimes, at the times when you are empty & no longer desire anything, it gives you everything

And sometimes, when you think you don't deserve to be a part of the universe, life announces that you are one of the best part of the universe who deserves everything

Love... Wealth.... Health.... Hope... Happiness... People... Family... Colors... and a lot of Sunshine


It's okay not to know the answers

It's okay to be confused

It's okay to be depressed

Because eventually, if you are right, God won't allow anything to go wrong for long

And if you are wrong, it's only about having a humble soul to ask for forgiveness & proving that you also could change!


For those out there who are gloomy, who feels that at the end of the tunnel is a train... GET UP... Look above, shout, scream as loud as your chest allows, hit the ground with your hands over and over again... STAND UP. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and walk with faith. When the time comes for you to open your eyes, you would know what to do! Have a great weekend, folks :)

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