Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Kaleidoscope & Hope for Better 2014

Finally this year has come to an end. This year end is a bit better for me as last year it was ended with Delhi Gang Rape case which was very brutal and the mood was very much gloomy. Being a woman, imagining that it could happen to another woman, it sends chill to all of us. May Amanat's family be given the strength to face the ordeal.

If we see the overall situation, in all the families, there would be ups and downs. In some families, there might be loss of loved ones, while in other families, there might be new comers with their own cuteness and fuss. Some people might go out of our circles of life and become strangers, while some strangers could come into our lives and create wonder prints. Whatever happens, life goes on.

Other than that, all over the world, we have lost some of the public figures as well. Among them are:
  1. Nelson Mandela who has given a very good legacy to us by fighting for what he believes.
  2. Paul Walker, the boyish guy that has been the reason many girls watch Fast and Furious series.
  3. Tom Clancy, the writer whose books are pretty prominent for readers who are interested in politics, espionage, military science and strategies.
  4. Shakuntala Devi, the Maths genius from India whose brain functions like a computer.
  5. Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady (there is a movie "Iron Lady" about her if you wish to have a watch on how her life revolves).
  6. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela. I personally like his name very much.
  7. Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man who created the world-wide used weapon AK-47.
  8. Other than that, we have some people from India who has spent their lives in art, such as Poet Vaali (T.S. Rangarajan as a poet, lyricist, writer, and actor) and Raghuram Master (prominent choreographer in South Indian movie industry).
Note: The list above is not comprehensive as it is from my personal point of view.

Five of the worst world natural disasters happened in 2013: (Source:
  1. Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines
  2. Typhoon Phailin in India
  3. Hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid in Mexico
  4. Earthquake in Central Visayas - Philippines
  5. Tornadoes in The United States
Other events that happened in 2013:
  1. The United States Government shut down
  2. Dubai, UAE wins the bid for World Expo 2020
  3. Tokyo, Japan wins to host 2020 Olympics
  4. Boston Marathon blast
  5. Microsoft bought Nokia for USD 7.2 billion
  6. Mount Sinabung and Mount Merapi eruption in Indonesia
  7. Ivory Coast stampede that kills many during New Year 2013 celebration
  8. Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
  9. Bitcoins as virtual currency gain popularity (someone bought a luxurious car with Bitcoins)
  10. Kenya Mall attack
  11. Yahoo bought Tumblr for USD 1.1 billion
  12. Some words gain popularity: Gramming (To Instgram something, just like Facebooking, Twittering, etc); Twerking; Selfie (turns Felfie = funeral selfie, after President Obama did the selfie during Nelson Mandela's funeral ceremony), and many others which have been updated in Oxford Dictionary last August 2013.
However, beyond all that, let's hope that the coming year would be better than before - not only from our personal point of view, but also for the overall human community on this earth. And let's not forget that no matter how we jump up and down for the new year celebration, it won't erase the chronic problems that we are facing as human race. It's not going to change the reality and the daily things that we are facing UNLESS we are willing to start some changes within ourselves. Let's not be like a Kiwi bird who thinks that it is safe in darkness and can't be found in darkness by simply closing its eyes. I'm sure we are better than that.

And about New Year Resolutions, I am not so much a person with New Year Resolution because most new year resolution are not continued for a long term. Let's not make that simply as a trend, unless you really mean it of course.

If you are truly to determined to do something, then you won't wait for New Year to come and if you wait for New Year to start something, then I believe you don't understand the importance of it at all. Whatever you wish to do, whether it is losing weight or gaining weight, start eating healthy, start writing that pending novel of yours, start that business that you have been dreaming, propose that girl that you have loved for ages, ask for forgiveness for the mistakes you have done, have a health check for the issue that has been bugging you, get out of that destructive relationship... whatever it is, it takes more than a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION to motivate you in doing it. It takes determination, courage, and faith in order to get something. So if you want to do it, motivate yourself to the maximum and by the grace of God, I hope it will turn out just well.

And just a reminder for all of us:

If you can help someone in need, whether it is just a free tuition for the little girl next door whose family's financial condition is not so good, then help.

If you can be there for a friend's helpless condition and all you could do is just to give your presence & soothing words, then be there.

If you have too much extra money and you could educate one orphan, then do it.

If you have too much food and you could share it to the kids on the street who might not even have access to 3 meals a day, then share it. We never know that one piece of chocolate cake that you share might be the best memory for one of the kids until that kid reaches 90 years old one day.

If you can forgive, then forgive. If you can't, then let go.

If you believe in something (no matter how harsh, how controversial it is), then stand for it. Life is too short to stand on others' shadow.

One person can't help everyone, but everyone can at least help one person at one moment of his time. Let's pay forward!

And before I end this, I would like to share a link from Harvard Business Review Blog: 10 Extraordinary People and Their Lessons for Success. I find it very inspirational. Hope you will like it too.

Wish you all a wonderful year ahead and special thanks from me for all the readers who has been reading this blog all this year. I have been getting some good reviews and critics. All of them are taken as constructive feedback and I can't thank more for that. Thank you once again. Wish you all the best. God be with you!

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