Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bribing God? Hmmm...

Today I was talking to a 53-year old man who has been pretty successful in his life if we see it from social network and financial point of views. At least those were what I saw.

The conversation has gone twisted here and there which eventually led into "financial corruption" general issues. From the opinions that he had shared, I could clearly understand that he approves of the so-called "white corruption" which doesn't involve criminal acts. In real world, we say that as commission taking from projects or even giving money to smooth out certain red-tapes.

However, one statement surprised me pretty wildly. He said "If you are scared of God for committing corruption, then give 50% of what you get to the shrine donation". And I was like "WOW".

I am not telling that I am a holy human being here because I know I am clearly not, but to the extent of Bribing God? Now, that's way too many steps higher than I could ever imagine. You want to donate some of your black money for good purpose, please Go Ahead, but by telling "God, I'm sharing half of this with you" clearly doesn't make you come out clean-slate. It doesn't make you right.

This man that I was talking to evidently wasn't sensitive at all. I know he goes for praying every day. Now, I start questioning "Is he allying God for an unethical acts in his prayer?"

Just because our concept is different from other people, it doesn't mean that it is not right. Yes, that is true, but Bribing God with black money in order to vote ourselves NOT GUILTY?

Come on!! What the hell are we thinking?

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