Monday, December 30, 2013

Poetry: Dreams in a Box


I once moved ahead of time
To realize that my timeline was imaginary
I flew high thinking it was utopia
Until I crashed down to pieces

I was left behind
Time was laughing at me
I sat still

I put my dreams in a box
I locked them with my disappointment
It was a lock without a key
I shoved it deep inside the closet of misery
So that no one shall find it

No doors
No light
No color
It's invisible
No one shall find it

If my dreams are material
I shall find a way
They are maya

There is a shadow hanging over my bed
Every night telling that my dreams are waiting
But each time I wake up
I tell myself, it was just a dream
That I have locked tight
No one, not even me, shall open it again

Even if I wish, I don't know how to open it
It's a lock without a key
Once it's locked... It's for good

They say dreams should be chased
Where should I chase when I don't even know where they are
Where do I start?
What is my first step?

Reality is harsh
It’s bitter
It’s painful
But it’s true

Moving through the thorns
Having my feet bleed
And letting my heart be sliced & beaten up to pieces
Have been my only solace … that my mind is in a safe corner

My feet are on the ground
No more dreams
No more hope
No more wishes
All are maya

I put my dreams in a box
And walk away…
To reality
To free world
To man-eating-man society
I raise my sword
Hold tight to my shield

I protect my sanity

I put my dreams in a box
Let the reality continue


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