Monday, December 9, 2013

Random Food Photography

Today, I think I will just share some of the food photographs that I have taken since some time ago. Not very special ones, but might be entertaining to have a look at your leisure time :)

Weekend Lunch = Water Spinach + bean sprouts stir fry, Tofu + fish sambal (cooked in chili) + Oyster Mushroom Finger chips + Pepino fruit

Tofu + Brinjal sambal + Ground spinach curry

Cashew + Almond, Pistachio, Walnut, Black Raisin, Anjur

Roasted almond soaked in Honey

Obettu = Karnataka traditional sweet (I am not so good with the shape, so I made the shape like a Bolani). Bolani is Afghan Paratta.

My All Time Favorite - Instant Noodle


Soaked & Peeled Almonds

Steamed Sweet Potatoes

Tilapia Fish sambal

Fried Bihun with Prawn

Childhood breakfast - Salted butter crackers with sweet black tea

Soaked almond + cashew + black raisin

Worst combination of snacks - Boiled egg & salted butter crackers

Chocolate and Cheese bread - The best ever

Water Apples

Salted Crackers with Choco grain

Roast banana topped with grated cheddar & chocolate grain

Indonesian traditional sweets - Kolak (Banana cooked in coconut milk + jaggery/brown sugar)

Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

Drumstick Chocolate Doughnut

Indonesian traditional steamed jaggery cup cakes

Indonesian traditional layer cake

Indonesian traditional dish - Tauco (with quail eggs, tofu, prawns, and french beans)

Indonesian traditional snack - Onion chips

Butter Nut Caramel Candies. A cup of candies anyone? :)

Snake Fruit

Santang Daun Oranges (very small, but damn sweet) :)
And approximately 2 weeks ago, my friend suddenly called "Hey, get your front yard ready, we are coming for BBQ" and here are the shots :). Thank you for Kevin, Ensui, Kiminiko, and Ensui's girlfriend for the extraordinary evening. And special thanks to Ensui's girl to make a grand salad & perfect sour-sweet chili dip for the grill. They were excellent. Love you guys :)
Chicken in the process :)

The walking tray of drinks, rice, chips, glasses, and plates

Cucumber and Lime for BBQ Salad

Sweet Onion and Lettuce for BBQ Salad
Chicken pieces are ready

Grilled Salmon

Salmon in the process. Brushed with butter & chili using lemon grass root

Gourami. The best when grilled :)

And let's not forget the best of all - Milk Corn grill :). Eating it at 1 am with an interesting conversation :)

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