Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Boomerang of Hiring a New Personnel

A couple of days ago, I was in the position to select a person in Freelancer to do some of our tasks and I found that pretty confusing. It is not something that I have done before and it definitely taught me some lesson. I realized how hard it must be for an HRD to decide which person to be placed in which position. I could really understand if mistakes are bound to happen due to the polished outer peel.

Since this was my first experience, I couldn't tell much but if there is one thing that I would like to focus is "language". It's not merely the grammar but the tone where you use that language. You don't simply apply for a job without understanding the proper way of communicating.

You don't simply go to the person who hired you and say "give me money" or "good morning give me payment".

I'm not telling the message is wrong. What I'm telling is, the way you convey the message is wrong. Of course, if you provide a service, you are entitled for a payment, but making you look as if you were chasing the employer with "give me payment, give me payment" won't sound so good. I definitely could understand the concern where you are afraid that you won't be paid, but chasing with such unethical tone is not going to help you in any way, especially when you haven't delivered the task as per the criteria.

In a professional world, there are protocols to follow. You can't simply barge in with such straight forward approach. If you do such thing in a real corporate where you meet viz-a-via with your superior, I could really understand if you are kicked out of the company in a snap of a finger.

Wouldn't it be more nice to say "Good morning mam. For the services that I have provided, would you please release the initial payment? I would really appreciate that."

You may say "That's my money. I earned it, why should I beg?"

It's not begging. That's the Protocol. It's not only for your superior, but that's how things are operating in corporate world if you want to create a harmony among your peers, subordinates, and superior. No matter how low a person is in the management ranking, he is entitled to the protocol, but yet, not many people understand this and hence, there would be grudge and eventually, like a boomerang, the issue would return to HRD with a name of "Staff Grievances".

A well-polished CV with all the skills certified with flying colors do not guarantee a person could perform a task well. AND EVEN THOUGH, he could perform the task well, in order to survive in corporate world, that alone is not sufficient. You must have a proper character and proper way of communicating. You like it or not, certain protocols must be followed even if you are the owner of the entire empire.

I think that is the only topic I wish to touch at the moment and it reminds me to an article I was reading some time ago by Richard Branson in the LinkedIn. You could click here to read:
Seriously, I LOVE the last line he placed in that article. That was epic ;). Everyone should read this, because this is not only limited to the corporate world but also in our daily life. Happy reading!

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