Monday, January 27, 2014

14 "Non-Sexual" Ways to Turn Her On

I have to mention that this topic is not originally mine. The original source could be seen on this website I came into this article a couple of weeks ago and I thought "Fine, let's take up the topics and spice it a bit". So here we go.

14 Ways to Turn Her on "Non-sexually"

The way a woman responds sexually is different from the way a man responds. Visuals are important for men to get heated up, but for women, sorry to say, seeing you naked is not going to heat up anything unless it is paired with some extra qualities.

So before you do wiggle wiggle in front of us trying to impress whatever you have down there, please check some things that you could actually do in order to get a real attention from women:

1. Make her laugh
IF you can make a woman laugh, you just get yourself an entry ticket to her comfort zone. It may sound silly, but we, women, have the tendency to be with men who make us laugh. It makes us feel that someone cares for us enough to entertain us and bring that huge girlish grin from us. So that big bulge inside your pants or that sexily carved abs are not going to help if you are a character-less dull freak.

2. Dress to impress
Ever heard “Porn for men is naked woman. Porn for women is well-dressed man”? I’m not telling you that you have to spend thousands of dollars for a nice Armani suit or Bvlgari shoes. All you have to do is to have decent way of dressing. Shabby 10 year old jeans that have holes on the knees and thighs with that worn out t-shirt dress code is not going to help impress us. UNLESS, you are a 200-pound top-less mine-worker with Roman God body with that heavy shabby jeans hanging sexily on your robust hips... well, that's just my imagination. Without extra qualities, that's not going to help, either.

3. Woo her with eye contact
Many guys don’t actually look at their women when they talk and that makes us feel that we are not important. If you are interested, let us see that twinkle in your eyes when you look at us. We need to know that you actually are attracted to us. Give us that special look and we will surely melt. Just for you to know, we can identify from your eyes whether you are "actually" interested in us, or it is just "lust".

4. Be chivalrous
We love old-school guys. Have you watched “Kate & Leopold”? Leopold is a kind of old-school that we like. You don’t have to be THAT chivalrous, but at least show us that you care by doing small things. You don’t have to wash the dishes, but at least take your own plate and put on the dish washer. You don’t have to open the car door for us, but you could at least wait until we get out before you start walking wherever you are going to walk. And a bunch of flowers now and then would be very lovely.

5. Listen when she talks
Everyone loves to be heard when talking. So if your women start talking, listen to her. Don’t fiddle with your phones or other gadgets. Don’t scan the environment. Focus on her. AND if you don’t like to hear her talking, find a new girl because like one of my friends ever told me, you must enjoy talking to your partner because as you grow old, that would be the only thing that matters.

6. Keep a clean space
When we come down to your place, we expect a bit of decency. You don’t have to have a clean place with the same caliber as Buckingham Palace or White House. Just decent enough. Seeing a dusty sofa with your shorts or even worse, used boxers around are NOT going to increase any heat within us. Or a floor with dust as thick as the snow in Arctic? Come on! We will run head over heels. We know guys will be guys, but don't be a cave-man. Make us feel comfortable to sit and perhaps cuddle you.

7. Get with her friends
I said “Get with”, not “flirt”. If you could make us comfortable, we are more than proud to bring you to our social community. We have friends, too. You might not like all of our friends, but being warm and behaving like a gentleman will definitely make us drool all over you.

8. Have good grooming habits
If you don’t like girls who don’t shave their legs or arms or whatever the parts, then make sure you don’t look like a King Kong, either. Some women like hairy guys; hairy chested, hairy arms, and legs… but if your hair looks like wild ivy hanging around your face and your face looks like you never know what razor is… Please help us, we are not going to be that much appreciative.

9. Take a shower
Sometimes I don’t understand why people take shower only once a week or once in 3 days even in mild weather. Do you realize that it makes you smell like a buffoon? We, women, do like original men scent. A matching scent would drives us wild, but that extra smell that kills our nose? Please. A good smelling and a fresh looking guy would be like a catnip for us. Trust me, we will stick close to you if you smell good enough. BUT, please don’t take bath in perfume. That kills our noses too.

10. Give her classy compliments
Telling “Nice boobs you have” or “Sexy booties” are not that much effective to nail us down. Sometimes you need to be a bit more sensitive in order to get our genuine attention and appreciation. Telling her that her smile is beautiful or that you like when her hair is braid into some kind of way or that she looks beautiful in a certain outfit or that she looks carefree when she laughs… Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

11. Show your emotions
No woman wants a frigid cold fish. We understand that you are that macho men who only eat meat, but come on... everyone has emotions and showing the sensitive side of yours to us makes us feel that you trust us. AND if you show that sensitive side to us, trust me, you will end up being cuddled and caressed and perhaps even more.

12. Be non-violent
No one likes violence unless you have some psychological discrepancy. If you have a light hand who likes to play hard even with your male counterparts, there could be a chance that you will fly those hands to us as well. So, if we could see that you deal with conflict like a grown up and only use violence when it is needed, then you  have just won one point.

13. Don’t be controlling
We are NOT your property. We also have our personal life, we have our personal interest, and we would like to have some personal space. If you see another man’s name in our contact list, it doesn’t mean that we are double crossing you. We date you for a reason so don’t freak out all the time. Trust us, Give us wings and show us where home is. If you could establish this, no matter how far we fly, we will return to your arms. It's guaranteed.

14. Respect women as a whole
So, we eventually know that you respect us, but how do you treat other women? I have encountered one incident when I was in high school. There is this one friend in our group who seems to be a decent man. He respects the girls in the group, but when he talked about another woman in the other class, he was so abusive that I was like “What on earth is happening here?”. You may think that another woman is a perfect bitch, but saying it out loud is not going to place you higher “charisma-wise". Try to make sure what kind of words you are using.

And before I end this, one friend just had a look on the draft article that I’m writing and he said “How about a lot of money, a Ferrari, a set of diamond jewelry, and a closet full of branded outfit? Will I conquer a woman that way?” Well, if that’s the question, then my answer would be “If she is on her knees because of THOSE, then you just get yourself a lazy chick. Because when a woman works hard and has her own standard, a man with money is just a bonus, not a ladder to upgrade”.

Hope this article is useful for all the guys out there who heartily try to impress their ladies. Special thanks to ChaCha.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Wish For Something BUT Are We Ready For It To Come True?

There is no day passed without wishing something in our lives. We always wish for something.

Some wish for abundant wealth.
Some wish for a perfect man/woman to be married.
Some wish for ability to travel around the world.
Some wish for a promotion in his/her career.
Some wish for having many friends around his/her life.

Wishing for something is a common human nature. We can't run from it. The issue is, we have the tendency to be frustrated or chiding God or stop believing in doing good or the worst, stop wishing when what we wish for doesn't happen in our lives. I was that person too once in my life. I have been there and I have done that. Many people around  me talked about good things, faith, beliefs, about staying positive, but at THAT particular time, I wasn't in the position to absorb it.

I wished for something, it didn't happen and I jumped up and down. I blamed God. I blamed myself. I blamed life. I blamed the people who did bad.

There was one point in my life when one person asked me "You have so much love in you. Why are you doing this to yourself?". For your information, this person is diagnosed with brain cancer. After all the medical procedure he had gone through, he is fine, but he was in the position where he could just die anytime. But he lives his life as if he loves it to the core. He cherish every single moment of him being alive. He laughs as if there is no problem at all on earth. He helps people. He maintains a perfect decency even at the time when most of us turn to God and ask "Why are You doing this to me, God?". For a person like that, I was an enigma. He couldn't digest why I hated life so much. I didn't understand, either. But if you ask me now, I would say "Well, my life is beautiful. I don't have any single problem with it. Everything is perfect as it is."

How could I come to this mind-set now?

The problem with me was... I wished for many things to happen in my life but I didn't prepare myself to accept the result. I didn't create a solid foundation for those wishes to be granted. It was like I was hungry and yet I didn't go take the food and placed it in my mouth.

This happens not only to me, but to most of us. We wish for something but we didn't put any effort to have that wish to be granted.

For example:
Mr. A wants a promotion in his company. Every day he goes to work praying that he would be given promotion. That sounds fine, isn't it? YES, it is perfectly fine. Now, in order to get a promotion, what should he do? Well, generally, he has to work hard, he has to work smart, he has to show some dedication towards his work, he has to complete the tasks he has in hand in a timely manner, he has to have good behaviors during his time in office, he has to be well versed, etc.

Now, I will ask you... "Will Mr. A be shortlisted to get a promotion if he comes late to office 4 times a week? If he takes 3 hours lunch break for an-hour break? If he wears sloppy outfit? If he doesn't have the ability to handle a formal phone conversation?".

I am sure you answer would be "Hell No". Well, that is what I am talking about. We "WISH" for something and expect a "MIRACLE" to happen to put us on that position. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I am literally shouting when I said that sentence, folks. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You want a promotion? Create a foundation for it. Make yourself deserving for it. If all you do is just praying without action, nothing is going to come to your way. You have to make it happen.

I will give you another example which is very common.
Miss B wants to have a handsome, rich, loyal, caring, and loving husband. She wants a husband who would worship her as a woman. Is that a wrong wish? No, absolutely NOT. Now, what should she do to get that kind of man? Can she get that kind of man if she goes to the bar every weekend and have a drink party until 3am in the morning? Can she get that kind of man if she is ONLY wearing branded outfits which cost a fortune? Can she get that kind of man if she dresses so alluring and shows disrespect to herself? Can she get that kind of man if she always shouts at children whenever she has the chance for it? Can she get that kind of man if she changes partner every month?

Trust me, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Period. You want a handsome, rich, loyal, caring, and loving husband who worships you??? YOU have to be that material first. You have to be loyal first, you have show some respect to yourself first, you have to have the capacity of understanding, you must have some calmness within you... THEN only there is a chance for you to attract a man with such good qualities, because men with good qualities won't go behind women with bad qualities. That's not how things work.

You want something, you have make yourself deserving for that first. Build the qualities you would require to be granted the wishes you want.

Before I end this, I would mention one exception. There would be times in your life when you wish for something and you didn't get it. You know you have done your best and you have done everything for that and yet people say "You don't deserve it because you haven't served"... Well, it's not always true. Don't burden yourself with such remark. Some wishes aren't granted no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you try because they are not meant to be. Let it go! If you have faith and maintain your good qualities, you will be given better than what you wished for. I am not boasting, it is true!

If you try to understand what I am trying to say, I am sure you will stop blaming the circumstances and start polishing yourself to the best you could to deserve all the wishes that you want to be granted in your life. Just change the angle a bit when you try to see things, that's all. Have a bright day, folks!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Food Sharing is Blessing - Don't Claim It Yours!!!

There is one thing that I can't understand when a person says "I have fed you and this is what you did?"

Why do they have to bring the that issue? I mean, all of us are fed by random people at all the time. If we have the capacity to feed other people, provide food for other people, then it is the blessing that is given to us. Why do we have to mention it? It's very cheap to behave like that.

Sometimes I heard a father tells to the son the same thing. How if the son become harsh and asks back "You have sex and made me. It's your responsibility to feed me. If you not you, then who will feed me?" Seriously, we don't bring our food from heaven or from wherever we came from. We bring nothing here. Whatever that we have here are just the blessing and the karma that we ourselves have created, and yet we pretend as if we are the most powerful one just because we have fed a person for a month perhaps.

The first food for most humans on earth is given by our mothers. For some others who have to lose their mothers, the food might be provided by their fathers or other family members. Then sometimes our friends buy us food. Sometimes our bosses buy us food and other times, we buy them food. So what is so fuss about it?

Some well-off people are too arrogant that if any problem arise, the first thing he would mention is about the food that he has given. Come on!! Let's not forget our root. Just imagine what would happen if that capacity is snatched away from you to the situation where you can no longer feed yourselves. Not so good, isn't it? Well, time changes and it could happen!

Food is the essence of life. We can't make it in factory if mother earth doesn't provide us the material. Let's not pretend as if we are God by claiming that it's us who provide it. If through you, someone's stomach is full, then thank God for that, be thankful that you are given such blessing. Don't justify yourself and make it look ugly for you. If you have provided meals for people and yet those people do harm to you, that's their part of life, not yours. No need to jump up and down.

Life is fair, folks... Just because you jump up and down for some discrepancies, it's not going to change to your direction in a snap of fingers. Be thankful for the good things that you could do to others and if the thing that you could do is to make someone's stomach full, then I should say, that's the most sacred blessing that could be given to you. Don't spoil it!

Next time you feel like saying such statement, please reflect back. You won't get it for yourselves if the farmers didn't work it out for you. You won't get it for yourselves if nature doesn't allow you to have the source to obtain it. You won't get it for yourselves if God doesn't give you the blessing to have it. When your own body doesn't belong to you, there is no use of claiming other things as yours!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

14 Things To Consider Before You Get Married

The conversation yesterday with someone I know, let's call Mr. X.

Mr.X: What do you think needs to be considered before getting married?

Me: Are you sure you are asking this to the right person? (with a bit of cynical expression)

Mr.X: Yes, why? (frowning)

Me: I have a failed relationship. It was a huge chunk of mess and you ask me about things to be considered before getting married? (duh)

Mr.X: It failed because something was not right. You knew what you wanted. That's why I'm asking you. What were you looking for that you didn't find in your relationship which eventually make you let it go? You don't let go things so easily so I want to know what were the things you considered?

Me: Wow... I didn't see it that far. (completely taken aback)

Mr.X: You should!

To be frank, they say failing in relationship teaches you million things. It's true. If you could stand the blow, it will make you even stronger than ever. Even if your ex get married to another person, you eventually would have the capacity to stand tall because you have established a ground on what you want and understand why you let go the relationship and the person in the first place. But getting the lesson out of it takes time.

So I told him that I can't answer the question right away. I need think it over and pool all the issues that needs to be seen. So today, in my opinion, here are the things you need to pay attention before you say "I Do":

1. See how your partner handles stress
Conflict is the best test for a man's temper. See how he/she reacts to that. If your partner seems not to care much, then maybe it's time to reassess the terms of the relationship. If your partner jumps up and down, there are two possibilities: he/she doesn't have the capacity to handle conflict or he/she is too hurt to actually think. It happens. When we are hurt too much, we have the tendency to stop thinking and start demanding. You don't want a person who always freaks out each time something happens, so see if there is a possibility for a person to grow up in the relationship to deal with the problems that are bound to happen.

2. Share your future plans
Everyone has dreams. The problem is whether your dreams and his/her dreams match each other or not. If he/she dreams is to travel to all the nooks and cranny of the world, while you have a dream to settle down in one place and stay there for the rest of your life, then bet me, both of you would lead a frustrating life together. Synchronize your dreams. See if both dreams could walk in parallel.

3. Acceptability
No one is 100% good or 100% bad. At one point of time, we would be otherwise. Now, ask yourself if you can accept whatever comes along from your partner. Could you tolerate his/her tantrums? How far could you tolerate? For how long? If your answer is Yes, I could tolerate anything for the rest of my life, then PROCEED.

4. Past relationship
Try to get an idea on how his past relationship is. It will tell you more than anything you need to know. You could know about your partner's loyalty, harshness, violence level, and many others. If he/she cheated in the past relationship, there is a chance that he/she would do the same again to you.

How fast does he/she jump from one relationship to another? If he/she is a jumper, then you might be just someone to escape the void instead of someone whom he/she truly loves. If he/she gives some time before entering new relationship, then you could say that you have found a calm-headed person.

5. Share views on Money, Politics, and Religion
This is important. You need to know the orientation of someone towards money, politics, and religion. Money is important aspect in life, without that, it's impossible to live on this planet earth, but until which extent you both would chase it. Some people chase it too hard that he/she forget his/her own passion.

Politics. You could get to know what kind of player he/she is. If he/she likes dirty politics, then he/she might apply that on you too. Politics does not exist only in government regime, but also in every single aspect in our daily lives

Other than that, religion. Sharing the same view is not the important thing, but respecting each other views is the most crucial part. If you both could respect each other's views and give space to each other regarding it, then there is no problem at all.

6. Clear about his/her financial condition and criminal records
What I meant about Financial Condition here is not about how rich or poor a person is because not all beggars would remain beggars and not all billionaire would remain billionaires for the rest of their lives. What I'm trying to put across here is what kind of habit he/she has related to financial issues. If you end up with a gambler, trust me, it's an addiction that is going to be difficult to be tolerated. Try to see if your partner has mounting debt that has gone beyond his/her head. And don't forget to know if he/she has any past criminal record. Marrying an ex-con is not the problem here, but not knowing that he/she is an ex-con is the problem. Every person has a right for a second chance, but hiding the truth is not going to help the relationship in the long run.

7. Share views on the new role as "husband" and "wife"
You fall in love, everything seems beautiful, you see your man as prince charming, your see your woman as the queen of mermaid. GREAT. Then you be married. The honey bunny becomes husband and the darling angel becomes a wife. After 1 or 2 years, the husband becomes a father and the wife becomes a mother. Physical changes occur, roles also change. Do you believe that your partner could play along with these changes in roles? Some people are good to be girlfriends, but not good mother. Some men are too good in bed, but he will never support you in daily activities. Open your eyes on this issues too.

8. Trustworthiness
This is the God of relationship. The moment you realize that you can't actually rely on your partner, then gradually the strong feelings will diminish. Trust is not something that you could regain easily. Love grows a lot easier than trust, so be careful. We have to fight for it. You have to see if he/she walks his/her talk. You have to have the hawk eyes to see if there are any discrepancies between what he/she said and what he/she did. Do his/her eyes tell any lie? If you can't trust your partner in some issues, how could you trust the rest of your life in his/her hands? Think it over.

9. Habits & Mannerism
Knowing each other's annoying habits is not easy. It takes years, so take some time to know how your partner actually behave in daily life. Does he/she take bath daily? How does he/she eat? Does he/she munch like a fire crackers? How does he/she normally dress? Does he/she wash his/her hands before touching the food? Does he/she dig the nose all the time? If you are a clean buddy and your partner is a dirty buddy, you are going to have one hell of a roller coaster one day. Trust me, there are habits that are difficult to change. Are you ready to take the stake? Discuss this. If you are ready, then go on. If not, reconsider.

10. Health (Both physical and sexual)
He is handsome. She is beautiful. Sex is excellent (if you do it before marriage). You can't stop thinking of each other all day long. FINE. Now, let's get to business. Does he/she has some sexual concern? Any past sexual disease that might be transferred to you? Is he/she physically healthy to make babies? Do you have any anomalies genetically? Are you sure that if you have babies, the babies would be born normally? Any blood system anomalies? How is the blood group match?

It is a wide accepted advice to have a sexual and physical check up before two people enter matrimony, but not many people do that. Please do that because life is not always a Barbie Fairy Tale.

11. Family acceptance
This is crucial. If you can't respect his/her family, then life is going to be difficult. You can't simply separate an umbilical relationship just by marriage. If you can't tolerate the behavior or his/her parents or siblings or other family members in this matter, please see how far you could keep up with that. Is there any way to work it out? How is their reaction to you? Pay attention to this.

12. Language tone
Some people are born as harsh-tongued, while others are well-groomed. Not all harsh-tongued are bad people. They are simply designed that way. So now the question is not about being a good or bad people, the question is that how far could you tolerate your partner language tone? Do you think you could suck it up for the rest of your life? If you can't, then maybe it is time to set some boundaries.

13. Ability to give space to each other
You love each other and you want to be with each other ALL THE TIME, right? WRONG.

Both of you need space. You need your own personal moment. You need to hangout with your group of friends without interference of your partner once in a while. Does your partner have the same opinion as this? If you partner starts being jealous each time you have your private moment with your friends or if you go out doing something you like all by yourself, then be careful. You are dealing with a possessive here.

Of course, you have to know your limits too in your external relationship. You can't simply flirt around wearing a bikini and expect your partner to keep a cool head. Be rational.

14. Chemistry
How does your hormones work when you are around that special person? This has to be the first in my list actually, but seeing many people out there who are married just because their parents and families want them to, I think it's fair for me to put it at the end of the determining list. Many people compromise with this issue, but for me personally, chemistry is VERY crucial. You are supposed to be physically attracted and comfortable with the person you are dating. If you feel insecure or uneasy each time your partner is around, then how could you tolerate that person to be in your life all year around?

You are going to take your partner to bed eventually, so you must be attracted to each other sexually, otherwise your bed-activity is going to be a nightmare or just a dummy and dull routine. It's not going to be passionate and it's not going to end with a huge boyish or girlish grin on your face at the end of the play. If you can't deal with a dummy routine, then please re-think.

Some of the issues I have touched above may sound silly, but there are many marriages these days which end simply because of silly issues. There is one marriage which ends just because the wife doesn't like the way her husband eats the peas. See? I'm not joking. It's stupid, but each individual's tolerant level is different. See how far you could compromise.

And beyond all, life is too short to simply get married to a wrong person or to a person who is simply available. The rest of your life is going to be merged with a different person from completely different background, so sleep on it, think it over, consider all aspect logically and intuitively before you take a decision. Follow your heart. If all these matches and you finally say "I Do", then I shall say that you are one lucky person :). And always remember, Marriage is an option, not an obligation. Don't force yourself into it if you don't feel like it yet. I hope you find this article useful. God be with you!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Why ONLY mothers? Why NOT others?

Respecting Your Mother is the Key to Success??? Are you sure?

I have talked to some people in my lives about how they turn out to be successful or full of blessing. Many of them, including a 70-year old medical practitioner told me that the key is to respect and love your mother no matter how bad she is. Even if your mother is a bad person who do and say bad things, you are not supposed to say it to the outside world. That’s what he said. That sounds fair enough to me.

I personally don’t have anything against it but some things are bothering me about this. There are many people out there who blame children for not being close with their parents, but not many see the quality of the parents before actually blaming the children. Of course, this is a relative situation. No one can say that a certain thing is the accepted standard because every human is unique.

There are children out there who lost their mothers at a very young age and definitely their lives would revolve around their fathers and their siblings if they have. Some children grow up even without any blood-relatives. Now, does that mean that those children aren't entitled to success in their lives or full of blessing? Why do we give a very specific advice when we could give a general one?

My question here is "Why ONLY mothers are the parent who are focused while there could be other people there?"

Other than that, there are many mothers in this world who don't deserve to be mothers. Recently, I have read news that one mother kept her two children in the barn along with the chickens and goats that they are raising. They are not given access to proper hygiene, they are fed along with the farm animals. That's not the kind of woman that we could say "motherly". She doesn't deserve to be a mother.

While in other cases, there are mothers who are frustrated with the busy-ness in their lives and they can't deal with the situation. They have to juggle between work, husband, social activities, children. So what happens? Once they reach home to find their babies crying, the first thing they do to shut the baby is to throw them to the wall. SMASH. What happened to the babies? Some are dead, some are paralyzed, some are in coma, while others survive without fatal injuries. Could we say these mothers deserve to be called mothers? I don't think so.

There are many mothers out there who give up their own lives for the betterment of their kids. My biggest respect and salute for them and by the grace of God, I thank God for giving me one of those mothers to be mine. Yes, they deserve the respect. They deserve the love. They deserve the care. But definitely you can't expect a child who hasn't been raised by complete parents or a child who has been raised by a so-called bad mother to pay an excellent tribute to his mother, right? It's not that easy.

Some children only grow with their fathers. I have known some fathers who have given up their own lives to raise their children without getting married again after their wives deceased. It takes a pure determination for that. Being a man and taking up such responsibility is not an easy task. Let's not forget that kind of fathers too.

Our success in lives doesn't merely determined by how we treat our parents or our families. It is on how we treat the people who love us and whom we love in overall context. That's where the pure success comes along.

And it's not only about success, it's about being a good quality human being. Not only beef is required to be in good quality to be served in a five-star hotel, even human being also needs to be in a good quality in order to shine in and out.

Respect your parents, YES. But for those out there who don't have parents, for those who grow up with not-so-good parents, and for those who grow up without mother... you have the capacity to respect those who are there for you, for who are ready to be in your life, you have the capacity to respect other parents.

And for those who like to give advice about "respecting mothers only"... please, let's not push away those who don't have one. Let's not push away the sacrifices fathers have made. Let's not push away others who have taken up the responsibility of being parents. Not all children on this earth have the blessing to grow in mother's warmth and yet, they are entitled to every single blessing that they could bring into their lives by their own deeds. Let's not forget that.

Have a blessed week ahead. I'm sure the routine activities have started again after the New Year pause. God bless your year ahead!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recipe: Vegetarian Curry Puffs

I am on holiday for New Year and I made something to munch. Today I shall share a recipe on how to make curry puffs. This dish is almost similar to the famous samosa (Indian snacks), but different shape and different filling.

Vegetable Ingredients:
1 red potato
1 big carrot
100 gr peas
150gr french beans

250gr of wheat flour
A dash of salt
One full table spoon of butter

1 tbsp corriander seed
4 red chilis (dried ones would be better)
Cumin 1tsp
Turmeric 2cm
Onion 4
Garlic 4
Ginger 2cm

Spices: Grind all the ingredients until it forms into paste, set aside.

Vegetables: Chop all the vegetables into small dices

Pastry: Combine all the ingredients and fold until it forms into dough that you could shape.

Heat some oil on the pan and stir fry the spices paste. After 5 minutes, put all the chopped vegetables, pour a bit of water, enough salt and cook until it's dry and well-cooked. The texture should be good enough to be a filling. It must not be liquidy.

Take a small round of pastry dough and flat-roll it approximately the size of your palm.

Fill the cooked vegetable and fold it, make it into a dumpling.

Fry until golden brown.


  • For the vegetable, you could alternate that yourself. If you wish to have a bit of Mexican style, then mix with sweet corn and pineapple, plus a lot more chili.
  • For the spices: you could use a ready made spices if it is available at your place. You could use mutton curry masala or chicken curry masala.
  • In case you have more dough than filling, no worries. Just flat-roll the dough and fry it, it will be puri (a kind of South Indian dish) and you could have that with sugar or anything spicy as you wish.
  • It may not look so good, but I could guarantee that it is clean and healthy enough, without any preservatives or any kinds of MSG as food taste enhancer. You could safely prepare it to your kids, husband, and the rest of the family ;).

Hope you enjoy it!