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14 "Non-Sexual" Ways to Turn Her On

I have to mention that this topic is not originally mine. The original source could be seen on this website I came into this article a couple of weeks ago and I thought "Fine, let's take up the topics and spice it a bit". So here we go.

14 Ways to Turn Her on "Non-sexually"

The way a woman responds sexually is different from the way a man responds. Visuals are important for men to get heated up, but for women, sorry to say, seeing you naked is not going to heat up anything unless it is paired with some extra qualities.

So before you do wiggle wiggle in front of us trying to impress whatever you have down there, please check some things that you could actually do in order to get a real attention from women:

1. Make her laugh
IF you can make a woman laugh, you just get yourself an entry ticket to her comfort zone. It may sound silly, but we, women, have the tendency to be with men who make us laugh. It makes us feel that someone cares for us enough to entertain us and bring that huge girlish grin from us. So that big bulge inside your pants or that sexily carved abs are not going to help if you are a character-less dull freak.

2. Dress to impress
Ever heard “Porn for men is naked woman. Porn for women is well-dressed man”? I’m not telling you that you have to spend thousands of dollars for a nice Armani suit or Bvlgari shoes. All you have to do is to have decent way of dressing. Shabby 10 year old jeans that have holes on the knees and thighs with that worn out t-shirt dress code is not going to help impress us. UNLESS, you are a 200-pound top-less mine-worker with Roman God body with that heavy shabby jeans hanging sexily on your robust hips... well, that's just my imagination. Without extra qualities, that's not going to help, either.

3. Woo her with eye contact
Many guys don’t actually look at their women when they talk and that makes us feel that we are not important. If you are interested, let us see that twinkle in your eyes when you look at us. We need to know that you actually are attracted to us. Give us that special look and we will surely melt. Just for you to know, we can identify from your eyes whether you are "actually" interested in us, or it is just "lust".

4. Be chivalrous
We love old-school guys. Have you watched “Kate & Leopold”? Leopold is a kind of old-school that we like. You don’t have to be THAT chivalrous, but at least show us that you care by doing small things. You don’t have to wash the dishes, but at least take your own plate and put on the dish washer. You don’t have to open the car door for us, but you could at least wait until we get out before you start walking wherever you are going to walk. And a bunch of flowers now and then would be very lovely.

5. Listen when she talks
Everyone loves to be heard when talking. So if your women start talking, listen to her. Don’t fiddle with your phones or other gadgets. Don’t scan the environment. Focus on her. AND if you don’t like to hear her talking, find a new girl because like one of my friends ever told me, you must enjoy talking to your partner because as you grow old, that would be the only thing that matters.

6. Keep a clean space
When we come down to your place, we expect a bit of decency. You don’t have to have a clean place with the same caliber as Buckingham Palace or White House. Just decent enough. Seeing a dusty sofa with your shorts or even worse, used boxers around are NOT going to increase any heat within us. Or a floor with dust as thick as the snow in Arctic? Come on! We will run head over heels. We know guys will be guys, but don't be a cave-man. Make us feel comfortable to sit and perhaps cuddle you.

7. Get with her friends
I said “Get with”, not “flirt”. If you could make us comfortable, we are more than proud to bring you to our social community. We have friends, too. You might not like all of our friends, but being warm and behaving like a gentleman will definitely make us drool all over you.

8. Have good grooming habits
If you don’t like girls who don’t shave their legs or arms or whatever the parts, then make sure you don’t look like a King Kong, either. Some women like hairy guys; hairy chested, hairy arms, and legs… but if your hair looks like wild ivy hanging around your face and your face looks like you never know what razor is… Please help us, we are not going to be that much appreciative.

9. Take a shower
Sometimes I don’t understand why people take shower only once a week or once in 3 days even in mild weather. Do you realize that it makes you smell like a buffoon? We, women, do like original men scent. A matching scent would drives us wild, but that extra smell that kills our nose? Please. A good smelling and a fresh looking guy would be like a catnip for us. Trust me, we will stick close to you if you smell good enough. BUT, please don’t take bath in perfume. That kills our noses too.

10. Give her classy compliments
Telling “Nice boobs you have” or “Sexy booties” are not that much effective to nail us down. Sometimes you need to be a bit more sensitive in order to get our genuine attention and appreciation. Telling her that her smile is beautiful or that you like when her hair is braid into some kind of way or that she looks beautiful in a certain outfit or that she looks carefree when she laughs… Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

11. Show your emotions
No woman wants a frigid cold fish. We understand that you are that macho men who only eat meat, but come on... everyone has emotions and showing the sensitive side of yours to us makes us feel that you trust us. AND if you show that sensitive side to us, trust me, you will end up being cuddled and caressed and perhaps even more.

12. Be non-violent
No one likes violence unless you have some psychological discrepancy. If you have a light hand who likes to play hard even with your male counterparts, there could be a chance that you will fly those hands to us as well. So, if we could see that you deal with conflict like a grown up and only use violence when it is needed, then you  have just won one point.

13. Don’t be controlling
We are NOT your property. We also have our personal life, we have our personal interest, and we would like to have some personal space. If you see another man’s name in our contact list, it doesn’t mean that we are double crossing you. We date you for a reason so don’t freak out all the time. Trust us, Give us wings and show us where home is. If you could establish this, no matter how far we fly, we will return to your arms. It's guaranteed.

14. Respect women as a whole
So, we eventually know that you respect us, but how do you treat other women? I have encountered one incident when I was in high school. There is this one friend in our group who seems to be a decent man. He respects the girls in the group, but when he talked about another woman in the other class, he was so abusive that I was like “What on earth is happening here?”. You may think that another woman is a perfect bitch, but saying it out loud is not going to place you higher “charisma-wise". Try to make sure what kind of words you are using.

And before I end this, one friend just had a look on the draft article that I’m writing and he said “How about a lot of money, a Ferrari, a set of diamond jewelry, and a closet full of branded outfit? Will I conquer a woman that way?” Well, if that’s the question, then my answer would be “If she is on her knees because of THOSE, then you just get yourself a lazy chick. Because when a woman works hard and has her own standard, a man with money is just a bonus, not a ladder to upgrade”.

Hope this article is useful for all the guys out there who heartily try to impress their ladies. Special thanks to ChaCha.

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