Sunday, January 19, 2014

Food Sharing is Blessing - Don't Claim It Yours!!!

There is one thing that I can't understand when a person says "I have fed you and this is what you did?"

Why do they have to bring the that issue? I mean, all of us are fed by random people at all the time. If we have the capacity to feed other people, provide food for other people, then it is the blessing that is given to us. Why do we have to mention it? It's very cheap to behave like that.

Sometimes I heard a father tells to the son the same thing. How if the son become harsh and asks back "You have sex and made me. It's your responsibility to feed me. If you not you, then who will feed me?" Seriously, we don't bring our food from heaven or from wherever we came from. We bring nothing here. Whatever that we have here are just the blessing and the karma that we ourselves have created, and yet we pretend as if we are the most powerful one just because we have fed a person for a month perhaps.

The first food for most humans on earth is given by our mothers. For some others who have to lose their mothers, the food might be provided by their fathers or other family members. Then sometimes our friends buy us food. Sometimes our bosses buy us food and other times, we buy them food. So what is so fuss about it?

Some well-off people are too arrogant that if any problem arise, the first thing he would mention is about the food that he has given. Come on!! Let's not forget our root. Just imagine what would happen if that capacity is snatched away from you to the situation where you can no longer feed yourselves. Not so good, isn't it? Well, time changes and it could happen!

Food is the essence of life. We can't make it in factory if mother earth doesn't provide us the material. Let's not pretend as if we are God by claiming that it's us who provide it. If through you, someone's stomach is full, then thank God for that, be thankful that you are given such blessing. Don't justify yourself and make it look ugly for you. If you have provided meals for people and yet those people do harm to you, that's their part of life, not yours. No need to jump up and down.

Life is fair, folks... Just because you jump up and down for some discrepancies, it's not going to change to your direction in a snap of fingers. Be thankful for the good things that you could do to others and if the thing that you could do is to make someone's stomach full, then I should say, that's the most sacred blessing that could be given to you. Don't spoil it!

Next time you feel like saying such statement, please reflect back. You won't get it for yourselves if the farmers didn't work it out for you. You won't get it for yourselves if nature doesn't allow you to have the source to obtain it. You won't get it for yourselves if God doesn't give you the blessing to have it. When your own body doesn't belong to you, there is no use of claiming other things as yours!

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