Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recipe: Vegetarian Curry Puffs

I am on holiday for New Year and I made something to munch. Today I shall share a recipe on how to make curry puffs. This dish is almost similar to the famous samosa (Indian snacks), but different shape and different filling.

Vegetable Ingredients:
1 red potato
1 big carrot
100 gr peas
150gr french beans

250gr of wheat flour
A dash of salt
One full table spoon of butter

1 tbsp corriander seed
4 red chilis (dried ones would be better)
Cumin 1tsp
Turmeric 2cm
Onion 4
Garlic 4
Ginger 2cm

Spices: Grind all the ingredients until it forms into paste, set aside.

Vegetables: Chop all the vegetables into small dices

Pastry: Combine all the ingredients and fold until it forms into dough that you could shape.

Heat some oil on the pan and stir fry the spices paste. After 5 minutes, put all the chopped vegetables, pour a bit of water, enough salt and cook until it's dry and well-cooked. The texture should be good enough to be a filling. It must not be liquidy.

Take a small round of pastry dough and flat-roll it approximately the size of your palm.

Fill the cooked vegetable and fold it, make it into a dumpling.

Fry until golden brown.


  • For the vegetable, you could alternate that yourself. If you wish to have a bit of Mexican style, then mix with sweet corn and pineapple, plus a lot more chili.
  • For the spices: you could use a ready made spices if it is available at your place. You could use mutton curry masala or chicken curry masala.
  • In case you have more dough than filling, no worries. Just flat-roll the dough and fry it, it will be puri (a kind of South Indian dish) and you could have that with sugar or anything spicy as you wish.
  • It may not look so good, but I could guarantee that it is clean and healthy enough, without any preservatives or any kinds of MSG as food taste enhancer. You could safely prepare it to your kids, husband, and the rest of the family ;).

Hope you enjoy it!

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