Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Wish For Something BUT Are We Ready For It To Come True?

There is no day passed without wishing something in our lives. We always wish for something.

Some wish for abundant wealth.
Some wish for a perfect man/woman to be married.
Some wish for ability to travel around the world.
Some wish for a promotion in his/her career.
Some wish for having many friends around his/her life.

Wishing for something is a common human nature. We can't run from it. The issue is, we have the tendency to be frustrated or chiding God or stop believing in doing good or the worst, stop wishing when what we wish for doesn't happen in our lives. I was that person too once in my life. I have been there and I have done that. Many people around  me talked about good things, faith, beliefs, about staying positive, but at THAT particular time, I wasn't in the position to absorb it.

I wished for something, it didn't happen and I jumped up and down. I blamed God. I blamed myself. I blamed life. I blamed the people who did bad.

There was one point in my life when one person asked me "You have so much love in you. Why are you doing this to yourself?". For your information, this person is diagnosed with brain cancer. After all the medical procedure he had gone through, he is fine, but he was in the position where he could just die anytime. But he lives his life as if he loves it to the core. He cherish every single moment of him being alive. He laughs as if there is no problem at all on earth. He helps people. He maintains a perfect decency even at the time when most of us turn to God and ask "Why are You doing this to me, God?". For a person like that, I was an enigma. He couldn't digest why I hated life so much. I didn't understand, either. But if you ask me now, I would say "Well, my life is beautiful. I don't have any single problem with it. Everything is perfect as it is."

How could I come to this mind-set now?

The problem with me was... I wished for many things to happen in my life but I didn't prepare myself to accept the result. I didn't create a solid foundation for those wishes to be granted. It was like I was hungry and yet I didn't go take the food and placed it in my mouth.

This happens not only to me, but to most of us. We wish for something but we didn't put any effort to have that wish to be granted.

For example:
Mr. A wants a promotion in his company. Every day he goes to work praying that he would be given promotion. That sounds fine, isn't it? YES, it is perfectly fine. Now, in order to get a promotion, what should he do? Well, generally, he has to work hard, he has to work smart, he has to show some dedication towards his work, he has to complete the tasks he has in hand in a timely manner, he has to have good behaviors during his time in office, he has to be well versed, etc.

Now, I will ask you... "Will Mr. A be shortlisted to get a promotion if he comes late to office 4 times a week? If he takes 3 hours lunch break for an-hour break? If he wears sloppy outfit? If he doesn't have the ability to handle a formal phone conversation?".

I am sure you answer would be "Hell No". Well, that is what I am talking about. We "WISH" for something and expect a "MIRACLE" to happen to put us on that position. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I am literally shouting when I said that sentence, folks. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You want a promotion? Create a foundation for it. Make yourself deserving for it. If all you do is just praying without action, nothing is going to come to your way. You have to make it happen.

I will give you another example which is very common.
Miss B wants to have a handsome, rich, loyal, caring, and loving husband. She wants a husband who would worship her as a woman. Is that a wrong wish? No, absolutely NOT. Now, what should she do to get that kind of man? Can she get that kind of man if she goes to the bar every weekend and have a drink party until 3am in the morning? Can she get that kind of man if she is ONLY wearing branded outfits which cost a fortune? Can she get that kind of man if she dresses so alluring and shows disrespect to herself? Can she get that kind of man if she always shouts at children whenever she has the chance for it? Can she get that kind of man if she changes partner every month?

Trust me, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Period. You want a handsome, rich, loyal, caring, and loving husband who worships you??? YOU have to be that material first. You have to be loyal first, you have show some respect to yourself first, you have to have the capacity of understanding, you must have some calmness within you... THEN only there is a chance for you to attract a man with such good qualities, because men with good qualities won't go behind women with bad qualities. That's not how things work.

You want something, you have make yourself deserving for that first. Build the qualities you would require to be granted the wishes you want.

Before I end this, I would mention one exception. There would be times in your life when you wish for something and you didn't get it. You know you have done your best and you have done everything for that and yet people say "You don't deserve it because you haven't served"... Well, it's not always true. Don't burden yourself with such remark. Some wishes aren't granted no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you try because they are not meant to be. Let it go! If you have faith and maintain your good qualities, you will be given better than what you wished for. I am not boasting, it is true!

If you try to understand what I am trying to say, I am sure you will stop blaming the circumstances and start polishing yourself to the best you could to deserve all the wishes that you want to be granted in your life. Just change the angle a bit when you try to see things, that's all. Have a bright day, folks!

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