Monday, January 6, 2014

Why ONLY mothers? Why NOT others?

Respecting Your Mother is the Key to Success??? Are you sure?

I have talked to some people in my lives about how they turn out to be successful or full of blessing. Many of them, including a 70-year old medical practitioner told me that the key is to respect and love your mother no matter how bad she is. Even if your mother is a bad person who do and say bad things, you are not supposed to say it to the outside world. That’s what he said. That sounds fair enough to me.

I personally don’t have anything against it but some things are bothering me about this. There are many people out there who blame children for not being close with their parents, but not many see the quality of the parents before actually blaming the children. Of course, this is a relative situation. No one can say that a certain thing is the accepted standard because every human is unique.

There are children out there who lost their mothers at a very young age and definitely their lives would revolve around their fathers and their siblings if they have. Some children grow up even without any blood-relatives. Now, does that mean that those children aren't entitled to success in their lives or full of blessing? Why do we give a very specific advice when we could give a general one?

My question here is "Why ONLY mothers are the parent who are focused while there could be other people there?"

Other than that, there are many mothers in this world who don't deserve to be mothers. Recently, I have read news that one mother kept her two children in the barn along with the chickens and goats that they are raising. They are not given access to proper hygiene, they are fed along with the farm animals. That's not the kind of woman that we could say "motherly". She doesn't deserve to be a mother.

While in other cases, there are mothers who are frustrated with the busy-ness in their lives and they can't deal with the situation. They have to juggle between work, husband, social activities, children. So what happens? Once they reach home to find their babies crying, the first thing they do to shut the baby is to throw them to the wall. SMASH. What happened to the babies? Some are dead, some are paralyzed, some are in coma, while others survive without fatal injuries. Could we say these mothers deserve to be called mothers? I don't think so.

There are many mothers out there who give up their own lives for the betterment of their kids. My biggest respect and salute for them and by the grace of God, I thank God for giving me one of those mothers to be mine. Yes, they deserve the respect. They deserve the love. They deserve the care. But definitely you can't expect a child who hasn't been raised by complete parents or a child who has been raised by a so-called bad mother to pay an excellent tribute to his mother, right? It's not that easy.

Some children only grow with their fathers. I have known some fathers who have given up their own lives to raise their children without getting married again after their wives deceased. It takes a pure determination for that. Being a man and taking up such responsibility is not an easy task. Let's not forget that kind of fathers too.

Our success in lives doesn't merely determined by how we treat our parents or our families. It is on how we treat the people who love us and whom we love in overall context. That's where the pure success comes along.

And it's not only about success, it's about being a good quality human being. Not only beef is required to be in good quality to be served in a five-star hotel, even human being also needs to be in a good quality in order to shine in and out.

Respect your parents, YES. But for those out there who don't have parents, for those who grow up with not-so-good parents, and for those who grow up without mother... you have the capacity to respect those who are there for you, for who are ready to be in your life, you have the capacity to respect other parents.

And for those who like to give advice about "respecting mothers only"... please, let's not push away those who don't have one. Let's not push away the sacrifices fathers have made. Let's not push away others who have taken up the responsibility of being parents. Not all children on this earth have the blessing to grow in mother's warmth and yet, they are entitled to every single blessing that they could bring into their lives by their own deeds. Let's not forget that.

Have a blessed week ahead. I'm sure the routine activities have started again after the New Year pause. God bless your year ahead!

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