Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is Homosexuality Taboo?

There have been many controversial remarks made regarding homosexuality. Some people hate the homosexuals to the core, while other people don't care, while the others don't care about it until they encounter homosexuals in their own life and start chiding them.

What is homosexual?
Homosexual is one of the common sexual orientations other than Heterosexual and Bisexual (let's not touch paedophile, necrophile, zoophile, plushophile, masochism among others). This phenomenon could happen due to genetic difference or even environmental force, which means, you could be a homosexual by birth or because the situation in your environment influence you to be one. In some cases of homosexuality which is influenced by environment, this difference could be reversed back to normal with therapy.

Why is it a fuss?
We have the tendency to NOT accept something which is different from us. Not accepting is still fine at times, but chiding it doesn't seem to be a very mature thing to do.

The moment we find out that one of our friends, or one of our daughters, or one of our nephews is a homosexual, we get frustrated. We show our wrath to them in disapproval. Some even show disgust. Why such?

Since when has God allowed us to judge a person from his/her sexual orientation alone?

Is that how we see people? From their sexual orientation?

There are many people out there with the so-called normal sexual orientation (heterosexual) who has strayed from the right path and do wrong things. They polish their looks with wealth, good deeds with ulterior motives, and perhaps beautiful or handsome opposite gender partner wrapped up in their arms and yet we don't feel disgusted with these people. We feel disgusted with the homosexuals just because their sexual orientation is different from us. Some of us treat them as if they had done crime JUST because they are homosexuals. It's not fair.

My point of touching this topic is not to say that heterosexuals are greater beings or homosexuals are greater beings or bisexuals are greater beings. My point today is to tell that judging a person from his sexual orientation is a complete bias. We amplify someone's personal life just because of their sexual orientations. We judge the quality of their souls just because of their sexual orientations. Are we that good? Please let's look inside each of us? Are we that good? Are we that clean just because we bed the opposite gender? Does it make us better from anyone else?

Homosexuals as Parents
Some children who have been adopted by homosexual parents, some children who have been conceived by surrogate mothers for the gay couples, and some children who have been conceived with donor sperm by the lesbian couples are facing difficult times in the society JUST because both of their parents are homosexuals.

Having children is a normal wish. Just because some people are homosexuals, it doesn't mean that they don't have the wish to raise a child. Does it make them worse parents than us? Just because we call ourselves normal parents, does it make us better parents?

You might say that from psychological point of view, children who grow up with both parents (man & woman) have better emotional stability. So how about thousands of children who are raised by single parents? If we can't blame and treat the single parents as if they had done crime, then we don't have any rights to treat the homosexual parents that way either.

As the end note, I just want to emphasize once again. Let's not make fuss of something that we don't understand completely. Accept the difference, try to see things from their point of views and again... let's not judge the quality of a person based on his sexual orientation alone. Sexual orientation is just one small bit of a human, it's not the main determiner. There are still many other things to polish within us despite us being sexually normal. It's not to whom we have sex or to whom we are attracted sexually, it's how we treat other human.

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