Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Hello everyone. Hope this year has brought you wonderful things along with great lessons to make you a better person.

I think not much for me to say at this year end except a few reminders for all of us, including myself.

One thing that I would like to emphasize as it has been something that I see these days around me is that to get rid of the concept "hurt people hurt people". Yes, you read that right.

Life sometimes brings us to our knees, completely helpless & full of lost and all we feel is pain. We are hurt, but it is very often that we vent out such feelings and hurt others in the process. Just because we are hurt, we have the tendency to do the same to others to make them feel what you feel and most of the time to the people who don't hurt you at all.

It's going to do nothing except ruining your relationship. It's going to do nothing except making you look as a person without values. It's going to do nothing except being disrespected in your community due to the erratic behavior or words.

If you want to shout, make sure it is for a good reason, make sure it can solve the problem, and make sure that it is relevant to the situation, otherwise it will end up worse.

If you want to compete in your life to survive, do it without losing your values. What is a human being who doesn't have values anyway. Do not set aside the good values in you simply for money or fame.

Respect yourself & try to face your problem with elegance. I know it is not easy. I faced my problems worse than a crazy monkey once in my life, but now that I look back, it's not worth it. I should be grateful to all the people in my life who have made me realize that I am better than running amok for no reasons.

And the last thing that I should say again is It's not about being a True Hindu or a True Muslim or a True Christian that matters in the end. In the end, all that matters is about being a good human being. Despite the different ways of worshiping, we are one and the same. The same blood, The same flesh. Let's not forget that.

I do hope that in the coming year, we would have warmth, kindness, values, and lots of wonderful new beginnings in our lives.

God bless you all.